Let Me Vent

Wanna know if you're not the only one feeling stuff that is weird or maybe too mature for people your age? Well you've come to the right place - where my life is the dictionary definition of complicated and venting is as common as daytime tv. Grab a seat folks - I'm just getting warmed up.


1. Day 1 - Vent 1

Okay so am I the only human being who finds this one person super super extremely annoying? Like, okay. So there is this girl who hates me for absolutely NO reason and she bothers the ever living crap out of me. Let me give you an example: Have you ever been to a state where there's lots of bodies of water, like Minnesota where there are literally giant bird sized mosquitos everywhere and they are basically pests that won't go away and then right when you think they are gone BAM they're back again to annoy the hell out of you even more. Well that's how I feel about this one girl. Not to meantion she talks bad about to my best friend and is just really mean to her. Tbh I'm pretty sure said girl is just jealous of my best friend and I. At least from what multiple sources have told me. But like she legit shakes my sodas at lunch when I get up so that they explode on me (it never works anyway but her effort is.... idk cute?) and she is just all around the only person on this planet I truly deeply hate. And I love everyone so you know it's bad. REALLY REALLY REALLY BAD. Anyway life is just peachy!! ;)


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