Let's play a game

I need girls for the other boys not including Ash Zayn or Harry.


3. I Will Never Forgive You!!

Harry's POV

I'm not loosing you to some pshyco.

Just go I love you so much.

She kisses me on the lips and I go run to the car and lock the doors.

Graces POV

I run through the house with a gun and a knife in my boot so it's hidden. From Mr Pshyco.

So you wanna play a game? I hear a mans familiar voice.

What do u want?

Your soul. And all of your friends dead. Including Harry your boyfriend.

YOU LEAVE THEM ALONE YOU ALREADY KILLED SOME OF MY CLOSEST FRIENDS!!! They were my family. Here's a little bit about me. I have no fond memory with my family my mom abandoned me as a child my dad beat me and murdered all my family. He's sentenced to a life in prinson! NOW SHOW YOURSELF YOU COWARD!

Funny you say life in prinson. He laughs.

What's so funny? I grit my teeth

Do yo you wanna know who I am?

Why do u think I'm here? I say in a smart tone.

Well here I am.

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