Let's play a game

I need girls for the other boys not including Ash Zayn or Harry.


2. Get Help?!

The door handle starts to jiggle and I whisper I'm going to find a way out. Do you really think you can? Luke asks. I can promise you this he has to let us go at some point. True Luke says. As long as we fight back. Then the door handle starts to jiggle. Harry look under the sink see if there is anything useful. Will this help? He asks handing me a gun. There's no ammunition dammit. Wait do any of you have a small cologne cap or something like that. Yes I do says Louis. Great can I see it? Here. I fill it with the gun powder my dad gave me then put some washee tape over it. I put it in opened the door then shot the shadow. The door got ripped off it's hinges and the lights go off I could hear go gunfire my way go off. Then the lights come on and Luke is dead. I scream and say you won't win I'm getting out if here. I am not your slave and you won't hold me hostage. I get up and run to the door with all the guys following behind. I start kicking down the door. And it's working then Michael calum and liam are missing I call there names then I see them hanging from the staircase. I start to cry and scream and kick the door I tell Harry Louis Niall and ash to climb through I kiss Harry and tell him I'll be back and if Im not out just know I love you I'll meet u out there if I'm not back in 30 minutes go home.

No! I'm not loosing you to some pshyco. Harry please he needs to pay.

Hey lovelies so I don't know if I should update but next chapter there will be a crazy plot twist. Thanks for reading.

-Love ya❤️ Grace

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