Let's play a game

I need girls for the other boys not including Ash Zayn or Harry.


4. Almost reveal

Graces POV

Well here I am.

I gasp when I see who it is. My eyes get tear-coated. I can't believe it was you this whole time.

Dad! I thought you were in prinson. And you killed all my friends. Why?

You never deserved to be happy you should be miserable like me.

You deserve to die.

As well as you that's my goal and so far I have achieved.

You won't get away with this especially dealing with me. I already called the cops they should be here in any minute.

I pull out the gun from behind my back and hold it up. He grabs my arm and throws the gun down.

Then he grabs my arm and digs his nails into my side and pulls my hair I start to cry.

Then I remember even though he's my dad. He abused me. I take out the knife then say. You really should've though this through.

He laughs. Whys that? I stab him and say you should've checked me and thrown the gun further. I pick up the gun then hold it up and shoot him in the stomach twice.

Harry's POV

I hear a gun shot and start crying. Then I see Grace run through the door. She jumps in my arms and kisses me.

Are you okay? You have blood all over you. It's not mine.

Guess who the pshyxo was.


My dad.

How did he get out?

Not sure I didn't ask but he's dead.

The cops showed up and I explained everything to them. Me and the guys had to go to a mental institution.

~To Be Continued~

Hey crazy plot twist right. This story isn't over there is going to be a sequel about them and how they've grown but I will tell you what it's called soon need some title ideas. For a mental hospital a boy and a girls name. And girls for the other boys including ash Louis and Niall. Give descriptions plz.

~thanks for reading love ya

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