Harry's great rescue


1. 1

Harry wake up said a voice.

But Harry did not want to wake up so he simply laid still.

Harry was lifted up and carried out the door.

But Harry didn't know his life was about to change forever well he was only one.

Harry we are about to aperate and it may make you feel bad okay.

Harry slowly nodded his head as he did he did start to gel sick just as the man had said.

The man started walking again and Harry suddenly looked up and saw a beautiful castle gleaming brightly in front of him.

Once he was inside the man laid him down and told him to go back to sleep.

The next morning when Harry woke up he saw a lady hovering over him and she started handing him a bunch of containers and told him to drink.

After Harry drank all of the containers he started to feel better like all the bruises and bumps had suddenly been taken away the he took one more bottle and was asleep.

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