Feels Like Home

"Sometimes home isn't a place...sometimes it's a person."

17 year old Harper has to completely start over when her dad and his new girlfriend decide to move to a new, much smaller town, and take her with them. She's absolutely miserable, wanting nothing more than to stay in her home with her school and her friends and everything that's familiar. But will that all change when she meets the ever so arrogant Justin Bieber, who's determined to make her like him? Hmm...maybe this move would'nt be so bad after all.


6. Chapter 6

“Harper!” I heard my dad yell out. “Justin’s here!”


I didn’t bother responding, knowing my dad would just send him to my room. Totally unsupervised. It was like he wanted me to get pregnant. Even if I did respond, his old man ears wouldn’t let him hear me, so he’d come barging in asking what I said. Wasn’t worth it.


A few moments later I heard the bedroom door open and the sound of Justin’s footsteps. “Harper?” he called out.


“In here,” I replied from the bathroom, as I leaned into the mirror and finished up the wing on my eyes. I took a step back, turning my face to different angles to make sure they were even. I hoped like hell he wouldn’t say anything about this morning.


“Hey, Harp,” he said, stepping into the doorframe. “Woahhhhh…” he admiring as he leaned back, looking me up and down. “You clean up nice.”


I shot him a glare, then looked down at my outfit. I was wearing my favorite American Eagle shorts, faded and torn on the thighs, and a black V-neck t-shirt with my favorite strappy sandals. I chuckled as I glanced up at him. “What, have you never seen a girl in shorty shorts before?” I put my eyeliner pen down and walked past him to stand in front of my floor length mirror, messing with my hair.


“Sure,” he replied, turning to face me. “But I’ve never seen you in shorty shorts before.”


I rolled my eyes, “Does that line usually work on other girls?” I asked. I let my hair fall down around my shoulders to the middle of my back, in all its’ curly glory.


“Sometimes,” he said.


I glanced at him again and he shot me a wink. I couldn’t help but to laugh. “You’re a dork,” I told him.


“And you’re hot,” he said, still pressing on.


I grabbed my phone off the nightstand and shoved in my back pocket. “Stop it,” I laughed. “Totally not happening.”


“You kids headed out?” my dad asked as we came out of my room. He and Stephanie sat on the couch, absorbed in whatever game was on the TV.


“Yeah,” I said, kissing the top of his head as I passed him by. “There’s some bonfire tonight, not a big thing. Don’t wait up.”


“Alright,” he said, still not paying me much attention.


Stephanie was though. “Who’s gonna be there?” she asked, totally taking on the role of the step-mom-to-be.


“Just a few friends, some kids from school,” I told her. “It’s really not a big deal.” She nodded warily, turning back to the TV.


“Take care of my girl, Justin,” my dad called out before we headed out the door.


“No problem, sir,” he replied politely before shutting the door behind us.


I was wrong. So very wrong. This bonfire that was allegedly ‘no big thing’ was most definitely a big thing. It seemed like our entire graduating class was there, and then some. Given our class is probably only about 100 people...that’s still a lot more than I’d thought.


“Jesus Christ,” I muttered as Justin and I made our way through the stragglers and towards the crowd around the bonfire. I was glad that Justin drove me, although I literally could’ve walked here. We were in a clearing right down the road from my house and through the woods a little.


“That’s what you get for being friends with Brittany,” Justin laughed.


I rolled my eyes, shoving him with my elbow. “Shut up,” I muttered.


As we got close to the fire, Brittany noticed  me from across the pit. With an excited smile, she jumped up and ran over to me. It was barely sundown and she was already drunk. “Harperrrrr!” she squealed, pulling me into a tight hug. “I’m soooo glad you’re here.”


“I can see that,” I laughed, leaning back to escape the smell of alcohol on her breath.


“C’mon, c’mon, c’mon!” she slurred, taking me by the hand and hauling me to the circle of classmates sitting around the fire. “I gotta introduce you to everybody!” I laughed as I looked back at Justin, who was following us at a leisurely pace. He gave me a smile.


Brittany picked up her beer bottle and one of the metal picks used for roasting marshmallow. She dropped my hand and clanked the pick against her bottle. It wasn’t very loud, but it got the job done. Someone turned the music down, and everyone grew quiet. “Heyyyy everybody!” she drunkenly called out. “I’ll make it quick so we can get back to partyin’ it up. I’m sure you allllllllll already know, but this is Harper!” She hooked her arm around my waist and pulled me close to her. A little too close for my liking. “We’re here tonight to show her her city parties ain’t shit compared to ours!” Naturally, everyone erupted into a cheer of drunken ‘woo’s. “So get drunk, get high, let’s show her how we do it down South!” Again, everyone including Brittany erupted into another drunken cheer, raising their Solo cups and beer bottles and cans to the sky in a toast. Sheesh, what a bunch of rednecks.


“Alright,” Brittany said,  turning back to me. “Whatcha drinkin?”


“Um...whatever you got,” I told her. I had a feeling that we would be drinking nothing but Bud Light, and the thought made me want to barf.


“Got it. Sit over there and I’ll be right back,” she said, pointing to the empty lawn chairs behind me. I watched her as she stumbled away  to find a cooler with beer.


I plopped down in the chair and started to feel slightly relaxed as I watched the fire grow and morph into different shapes. I was only alone for a moment before Justin took the empty seat beside me. “Hey Harp,” he sighed as he sat down, watching the fire like me.


I glanced over at him, and noticed he already had a beer in his hand. “Can I?” I asked, gesturing to his drink.


“Yeah, sure,” he replied, handing me the bottle. I glanced at the label before taking a sip. Yuengling. I’ve tasted worse. Justin laughed as the bitter taste sent a shiver up my spine and I made a face. I handed the bottle back to him.


“Not a fan of beer, huh?” he chuckled, putting the bottle to his lips and tipping it back.


“Not at all,” I sighed. “I don’t get it. The point of drinking is to get drunk. You can barely do that on beer, and it tastes like shit. So I’ll take fruity cocktails that taste delicious and can get me wasted over beer any day.” I gave him a snarky smile as he laughed with rose eyebrows at me.


“Alright then,” he said, settling back into his seat and watching the fire with me. It was quiet for a moment until he spoke again, this time softly. “So, um...are we gonna talk about this morning?” he murmured, leaning closer to me.


I turned to look at him with a small smile on my lips. “No. Most definitely not,” I said.


He nodded and turned to watch the fire again. After another quiet moment, he spoke up again. “Cause you know we can talk about it if you want, it seemed pretty intense. And that’s what friends are for, right?”


I sighed as I nodded slowly. I still didn’t respond though. Even if I did want to talk about it, I had nothing to say. When I didn’t respond, he spoke again. “You know I totally could have kicked his ass right? And I totally would have,” he said confidently.


I nodded. “Yup,” I said plainly. As much as I liked Justin, I wasn’t ready for this conversation.


“Well, I---” he started to speak again, so instead of listening to him, I jumped up out of my seat.


“I’m gonna go find me some vodka,” I told him with a smile, before turning quickly on my heel and heading for one of the coolers. If we were gonna talk about it, I wasn’t going to do it sober.


As the night carried on, my worries, along with my sobriety, slowly faded away. There wasn’t much to mix drinks with, so I relied mostly on shots to bring me happiness. And it most definitely worked. It even made me dance better.


I had my Solo cup filled with vodka and a little bit of Sprite to tone down the burn a little, and was dancing with my classmates. Maybe this move wasn’t so bad. These people were my new friends.


I took care not to spill my drink as I shimmied and shook and danced and twirled on the dance floor made of grass. The more I drank and danced, the more my awful confrontation with Blake faded away. I shouldn’t care so much, he was a piece of shit.


I felt someone gently put their hands on my waist and slide them down to my hips. I turned my head to find Justin dancing behind me.


“You’re so fucking hot,” he murmured in my ear, his breath reeking of alcohol. I couldn’t complain, mine was probably worse.


I turned around, putting my free hand on one of his to keep it on my hip. “You’re not so bad yourself,” I told him. And he wasn’t. He was truly gorgeous. I knew he was good looking but being drunk and up close and personal under the illumination of fire and the moon made him look like a Greek God.


I rested my arms on his shoulders as I looked up at him. He encircled my waist in his arms, guiding my body against his with his hands on my lower back. Just feeling him pressed up against me as we danced made me want him so bad, right then and there.


And then I realized. I really have to pee. But where? “I really gotta pee,” I told him, my body coming to an awkward stop.


“What?” he asked loudly, as someone had turned up the music.


“I have to peeeeee,” I told him, stretching up on my tip-toes to speak directly in his ears.


“Olay, hurry up,” he said, giving me a wink.


I furrowed my brows. “Where do I go?” I asked shyly.


I felt my cheeks heat up as he chuckled. “Just go in the woods,” he laughed, pointing to the group of trees to my right. My brows furrowed again as I looked at the trees. I’ve never had to pee outside. I looked up at him, hesitation obvious on my face. “Or you can just go right here,” he laughed.


I swatted his arm. “I’ll be right back,” I told him, handing my drink over to him and scampering off quickly.


Thankfully, the later it got, the smaller the crowd got. Most of the kids went home to avoid being grounded, and a lot of people had coupled off to go hook up. As I made my way further into the trees to avoid being seen, I passed a few of them.


Finally, I found a spot that I was satisfied with. Far enough from the party or couples hooking up to see me, but close enough that I could still see the bonfire and know that I wasn’t lost. I hid myself behind a tree and unbuttoned my pants.


“You know there’s Porta-Potties, right?” I heard a voice speak up behind me, making me jump out of my skin. Thankfully I hadn’t pulled my pants down or even squatted down yet.


I jumped and turned to find Collin propped up against a tree. “Jesus, Collin, you scared the shit out of me,” I laughed clutching my chest. “And I think I’ll take my chances with nature. Porta-Potties make me vomit,” I told him.


He laughed, still standing there, watching me. “You’re right, they’re pretty bad.”


There was an awkward moment of silence between us, until I finally broke it. “So what are you doing way out here?” I asked. “You gotta pee too?” I laughed.


He chuckled. “Nah, it’s just...Brittany’s getting crazy. She goes way overboard when she drinks,” he told me, moving closer and propping one hand up against the tree I was standing behind. “I just...I need a minute, you know?” he asked.


I nodded. “Y-yeah,” I stuttered, trying to back up and put a little distance between us. “Yeah, it can get kinda crazy out there,” I laughed nervously.


He noticed me moving and propped his other hand up on the other side of my head, trapping me between him and the tree. “Has anyone ever told you how gorgeous you are?” he asked suddenly.


“N-not really,” I said, trying to move back even a little but just backed up against the tree. He closed the distance even more, his face only an inch or two from mine. “C-Collin, you’re uh...you have a girlfriend,” I said, trying to sound strong and confident though I failed miserably.


“Yeah,” he said nonchalantly. “You’re just so fucking hot,” he muttered. He quickly moved his hands to grip my wrists tightly, then brought them above my head. “Don’t make this hard for yourself, baby, you know you want it too.”


God, I wish I hadn’t drank so much. I felt utterly defenseless against him. His hands were so large, he freed one wrist and quickly grabbed it again with his other hand that was holding my other wrist. “C-Collin, please,” I begged, my voice trembling more than before.


“Shhh,” he said softly, his free hand brushing my face gently. I tried to jerk away, but I had nowhere to go. I wasn’t budging. “Just relax and enjoy it,” he told me, giving me a smile. With his free hand, he caressed my body softly, leaving goosebumps in his wake. He moved his hand down to my already unbutton shorts and pushed the zipper down. He roughly grabbed the hem of my shorts and yanked them down until they fell down around my ankles. With his knee, he pushed my trembling legs apart.


When I was in the city, I took self defense courses. And I was great. It killed me being in a vulnerable position where I was too drunk and terrified to remember anything I had been taught. I knew there were several ways to get me safely out of this life threatening situation, and yet I had no clue. So instead, my bodily instincts took over.


And I pissed on him. I was terrified with an overfilled bladder, and I didn’t mean to. But suddenly something warm came trickling down my legs, and all over Collin. He immediately jumped back with a disgusted yell, cursing me. As soon as he jumped back, my adrenaline kicked in. I felt like, in that instant, I was totally sober. I bent down to grab my shorts and I took off running. I wasn’t sure where I was going, but I was going. Not back to the party. Not anywhere in particular. I just ran.


In the back of my mind I knew that soon enough I would find the main road that we’d come down. If I could find the road, I could find my way home.


Thankfully it didn’t take long. After a few minutes, I saw in the short distance ahead of me the illumination of a street lamp. I slowed down to a jog, and soon after a walk as I made it to the road. I looked to the right, and saw where the turn off was for the small park we were in, the small dirt road. So I knew if I walked left along the road long enough, I would be home. Before I began my journey, I stopped for a moment to look behind me and make sure that Collin wasn’t coming after me, and to put my shorts on.

And so, as I walked slowly home, lightheaded and not so sober, and covered in piss, a thought came to me. This move was terrible. There was nothing good about it, nothing. I could be home, in a miserable relationship with Blake and my fake friends. But no. I’m walking down a long, dark, creepy road. Drunk. Shaking. Terrified. And covered in pee.







Hey guys! So...this chapter was longer and a little bit more intense than the others. I hope you guys enjoyed! I just wanted to say that I am beyond grateful for all the support with this story! It means so much to me. I also wanted to say that even though I PROMISE to update as much as possible, I'm not sure how often that will be. I'm currently working two jobs and going to school, along with trying to balance my personal life with it. And finding time for sleep. So be patient with me please, I will always update as soon as I can.


P.S. I'm also working on another story...just trying to decide if I should wait to post until I finish this one, or do both at the same time. What do you guys think?

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