Feels Like Home

"Sometimes home isn't a place...sometimes it's a person."

17 year old Harper has to completely start over when her dad and his new girlfriend decide to move to a new, much smaller town, and take her with them. She's absolutely miserable, wanting nothing more than to stay in her home with her school and her friends and everything that's familiar. But will that all change when she meets the ever so arrogant Justin Bieber, who's determined to make her like him? Hmm...maybe this move would'nt be so bad after all.


4. Chapter 4

 I woke up the next morning in a better mood than usual. Though I was slightly hungover, I didn’t mind it. I laid there in that magical place between sleep and awake, slowly becoming aware of my surroundings, memories of last night floating back to me. 


I was in my bed in my new room, in our new tiny town. Which sucked...but maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. I missed my friends, but they didn’t seem to miss me much.


My boyfriend didn’t miss me. Scratch that, ex-boyfriend. He definitely didn’t care, not enough to even say goodbye to me before we left. It suddenly dawned on me that I hadn’t even texted him since my first day here, or even officially broke it off. Oh well, he’d get the message.


I was neighbors with a really hot guy. A nice guy, someone who could have my back in this foreign town and actually be a friend to me. I even had a group of people who (I think) I could consider my friends. Maybe this move wouldn’t be so bad.


I took my time getting ready for school, in too good of a mood to rush myself. It wouldn’t have done me any good to rush anyway, cause all my shit was still packed up. I seriously needed to spend some time tonight unpacking.


I glanced down at my phone screen for the time, and suddenly felt a little panic. I was running late for school. “Hey, Dad,” I called out, slinging my backpack over my shoulder and running out of my room and up the stairs. No answer. “Dad!” I called out again before rounding the corner to his home office.


He was most definitely hungover. Hair a mess, bags under his eyes, holding his head in his hands. “What, what. What?” he muttered, rubbing his head. “I heard you the first time.”


I chuckled. “Can I take the car to school?” I asked sweetly.


“Sure, sure,” he mumbled, waving his hand dismissively. “Be careful,” he said, along with some other words that I couldn’t make out.


“Sure, Dad,” I laughed. “See you later.”


Thankfully the school, like everything else, was only a few minutes down the road. By the time that I peeled into the parking lot, I had 5 minutes before 1st block started. I didn’t bother trying to rush to make it to homeroom, considering by the time I made it there the bell would ring.


I heard the loud, ear piercing ringing of the bell as I made my way into the building. Brittany caught my eye through the sea of people, giving me an excited smile and a wave as she pushed her way towards me. I heard Justin’s voice in the back of my mind, warning me about her, so I forced a smile. I just found it hard to believe that someone who was so happy could be mean.


“Hey!” she yelled once she made her way to me, and pulled me into a tight hug. I laughed. It really was hard not to like her. “Where were you?”


“Running late,” I said, waving my hand dismissively. “I still haven’t unpacked all the way so I had to dig through my boxes for clothes.”


She laughed as she hooked her arm through mine and we made our way towards English class. “So,” she started as we walked into Ms. Jones’ room, “The bonfire is tomorrow night. It’s not gonna be a lot of people, just a few of us. There’s gonna be a lot of beer, um…”


I began to tune her out as we made our way into the classroom, and took our seats. I rolled my eyes as she carried on talking about the bonfire, but my attention was somewhere else; the empty seat in the back of the room, where Justin sat yesterday.


I tried to focus on Brittany talking, but it felt like the desk in the back kept growing larger and larger until it was all I could see. It was worse when Ms. Jones started class. I tried to focus on the reading and failed miserably.


Jesus, Harper, I kept telling myself, he probably just overslept. You were late too. Or maybe he's skipping today. It's not like you never skipped class.


As the morning carried on, I found Justin fading in my mind and it was finally easier to focus on my classwork and even Brittany's endless babble. Though I finally felt a sense of relief when the bell rang for lunch. I didn't realize how hungry I was.


We walked leisurely to the cafeteria and through the lunch line, Brittany babbling about something ridiculous and me pretending to listen. “I mean, can you believe him?” she asked as she turned back around to face me as we sat down at our table, her posse already seated and waiting.


I scoffed and rolled my eyes, and she smiled at my agreement.


“So what about you?” Brittany asked me as she sat down next to Collin, giving him a quick kiss.


I internally gagged at the affection. “What?” I asked, feeling like a deer in the headlights. Maybe I should've listened a little.


“Your parents?” she asked, thankfully not offended. “Are they as lame as mine?”


I laughed. “Not really. My mom lives back in the city, they got divorced when I was younger,” I explained, though everyone nearly gasped at the word 'divorce’.


“Divorced?” Brittany asked, the word dripping with disgust.


I opened my mouth to protest, but was thankfully offered a distraction; Justin sliding into the seat beside me.


“Hey, Harper,” he said, giving me a nudge and a smile. “What's up?”


My smile only faltered for a moment, before I realized Justin was here to save the day. “Oh, hey Jus---”


I was cut off by Brittany. Again. “Hold up,” she cut in, putting her hand up to stop Justin from speaking. “Your parents are seriously divorced?”


I sighed, suddenly not feeling so hungry. Before I could even defend myself, Justin jumped in. “Oh calm down, Brittany,” he scoffed. “What’s the big deal?”


Suddenly she was the deer in the headlights. Clearly he'd never snapped at her like that. “I-it’s not. I just...I didn't know,” she explained.


“Right…” he said, and I could see the internal laughter in his eyes. “Anyway...what's up?” he asked, looking back down at me.


As much as I enjoyed this new version of Justin, I wanted a change of topic. “Well we were actually talking about the bonfire tomorrow night,” I said, shooting Brittany a suggestive, ‘let’s talk about something else’ look.


Of course, her dumbass lit up from the inside at the thought of it. “Yeah,” she exclaimed, “you should totally come Justin! It's kind of a welcome bonfire for Harper, everyone's gonna be there.”


“Are you gonna be there?” Justin asked, directing his attention back to me.


“Obviously,” I laughed, giving him a light shove.


“Then I’ll be there,” he replied before taking a big bite of school pizza, and giving me a cheeky smile.


I rolled my eyes at him and shifted my attention back to Brittany. “So...how big is this bonfire thing gonna be?” I asked, following Justin’s lead and taking a bite of pizza. “Like how many people are we talking?” Normally I didn’t mind groups of people, especially when alcohol or weed was involved. And considering it was a bonfire with a group of high schoolers in a town with nothing else to do...there would definitely be alcohol. But a large party where, from the sound of it, I would be the center of attention...I wasn’t sure about that.


“Oh...I don’t know,” she said, looking to Collin as if he held the answer. “Not a lot, just us and a few other people from school,” she replied, giving me a shrug.


I nodded as I mulled over her words and ate some more food, thinking about her previous words to Justin, “everyone’s gonna be there.” Maybe she wasn’t lying; maybe in a small town like this, “everyone” didn’t really consist of a lot of people.


“Do I need to bring anything?” I asked. Generally speaking, whenever you go to a party, you bring something. Whether it be food, liquor, beer, or some form of drugs...everyone brought something.


This time Collin spoke up. “Oh, stop,” he said, while Brittany nodded enthusiastically in agreement with him. “This is a welcome party for you. Just bring yourself.” He shot me a wink that sent a shiver up my spine, but I suppressed it. Instead I gave them a small smile and a nod.


Who knows? Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad.   

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