Feels Like Home

"Sometimes home isn't a place...sometimes it's a person."

17 year old Harper has to completely start over when her dad and his new girlfriend decide to move to a new, much smaller town, and take her with them. She's absolutely miserable, wanting nothing more than to stay in her home with her school and her friends and everything that's familiar. But will that all change when she meets the ever so arrogant Justin Bieber, who's determined to make her like him? Hmm...maybe this move would'nt be so bad after all.


2. Chapter 2

That night was a very long, very unproductive night. I drove around for a while, dreading going home. Then I regretted staying out late, realizing I still had to unpack all of my things. Or at the very least set up my bed. So I turned the car around and made my way back down unfamiliar roads, to my new home. By the time I pulled up to the house, it was almost midnight. So I crept nervously through the large, empty rooms and down the hall to my new bedroom. I shut the door behind me and slid down to the floor, overwhelmed by all the empty space and too many boxes. Fuck.


Once I got my bed set up, I was too anxious to go to sleep, dreading going to school in the morning. The more I thought about school, the angrier I got. It was the end of March of my senior year. Why would my dad do this to me with 2 months left before I graduated?


Finally, my anger subsided and I grew tired, but I couldn’t sleep. Everyone talks about how loud the city is, but the countryside is so much worse. There’s crickets chirping all night, the wind in the trees is so loud. By the time I finally dozed off, I could see that the sun was already starting to come up.


And after about an hour of sleep...my day begin. I didn’t bother with my usual makeup routine considering all of my stuff was in one of these boxes. I scrounged around in my suitcases until I found a pair of shorts and my favorite V-neck tee to keep me comfy all day.


As my dad drove me to school, I couldn’t help but to fall asleep in the car. Thankfully my dad woke me up before we arrived. “Dad?” I asked softly, looking up at the tiny two story building. I couldn’t believe this was a high school. “Can’t you take me home? And I’ll start tomorrow?” I asked.


“No babygirl,” he said softly, sounding sad. “Your senior year is almost over. I don’t want you to fall behind.”


I sighed, quickly saying my goodbyes before climbing out of the car.


As soon as I stepped out of the car, it felt like all eyes were on me. The new girl. Fuck, this was gonna suck. I made my way to the front office with my head down. I gave the receptionist all my information and waited for her to give me my class schedule. She made an attempt at small talk, but I wasn’t in the mood. She probably thought I was a bitch, although that wasn’t totally a lie.


Thankfully this school was on a block schedule, just like my old school.

Homeroom: Jensen, Room 208

1st Block: English - Jones, Room 119

2nd Block: Math - Reynolds, Room 175


3rd Block: Science - Peterson, Room 212

4th Block: History - Jensen, Room 208


I sighed as I walked into my homeroom class, feeling the lull in conversation as I walked through the door. Again, all eyes were on me. I glanced up at the teacher, assumably Mr. Jensen, who looked up at me and gave me a smile. I gave him a nod and returned the smile before he looked back to his computer. I found an empty seat near the front of the room, and put my head down as I waited for death to take me.


“Hey there,” I heard someone say as I felt a tap on my shoulder.


I picked my head up to find a preppy little blonde girl smiling at me. “Hi,” I smiled back, trying hard to be polite.


“I’m Brittany. You’re new right?” she asked.


Well, obviously. “Yeah,” I said, giving her a quick nod. “I’m Harper.”


“That’s cool, I like that name,” she said, just a little too peppy.


And so a friendship began to blossom. Or at least I think. She was normally too happy for me, but I needed friends if I was gonna survive this hellhole for the next two months. But she was nice. I showed her my schedule and found out that we had every class together. I silently thanked God that I would at least know someone.


Then the bell rang. RRRRRINGGGGGG! which signified the beginning of 1st block. With Brittany’s arm in mine, we made our way to the lower level of the building where our first class was. I told her about how different city life was, while she listened with open ears and excited eyes.


We made our way into Ms. Jones’ classroom, and I froze. “Oh, god,” I muttered. It was him.


“What?” Brittany asked, totally thrown off.


“Him,” I said softly, as I nodded in his direction, where he sat at the back of the classroom. And as if he was psychic or had super hearing, he glanced up at me. At first he looked irritated, then a smile spread across his face.


Brittany, still totally oblivious, pulled me with her to where she usually sat. I sat in the seat in front of her, then turned so I could still talk to her. “What’s the deal?” she asked.


Him,” I said again as I looked his way, and I noticed him get out of his seat. Shit shit shit.


She looked up, and audibly gasped when she realized who I was talking about. But then of course, it was too late.


“Hey, girl,” he said as he sat down in the seat beside me, giving me a superstar smile. “Hey, Brit,” he said, glancing at her.


“Hi, Justin,” she said sweetly, giving him a smile, but he didn’t notice. He was already looking at me.


“Hi Justin,” I said sweetly, mocking the sugar coated voice Brittany gave him. She didn’t even notice that. Geez, she was totally oblivious.


“So, I never got your name yesterday,” he said.


My sugary sweet smile stayed in place. “That’s ‘cause I didn’t give it to you,” I answered, batting my lashes at him.


“This is Harper,” Brittany chimed in, putting her hand on my shoulder. I glared at her, but she was too busy staring at him to notice. I rolled my eyes.


Justin laughed, obviously amused. “Harper...I like that. It’s different”


“Thanks,” I told him coldly.


His smile faltered, but just for a moment. “So, uh, I really wanted to apologize about yesterday. I feel like I at least owe you that.”


I cut him off before he could continue. “Well I should think so,” I snapped. “You did nearly knock me on my ass.”


This time, his smile completely fell. “You know---”


He was cut off by Ms. Jones this time. “Alright, Mr. Bieber, let’s get back to our seat so we can get started.”


Without even a look at the teacher, he stood up. “Yes ma’am,” he said, his eyes still on me. I looked down at my desk, suddenly feeling guilty.


As he made his way to his seat in the back, Ms. Jones spoke up again. “So, I hear we have a new student!” she said happily, and again, all eyes were on me. Awesome.


Ms. Jones decided that it would be a great idea for me to stand at the front of the class and introduce myself. I looked back at Justin, who was clearly entertained by my discomfort.


The rest of the morning dragged on slowly. Thankfully my teacher for 2nd block, Ms. Reynolds, didn't feel the need to embarrass me with introductions. I simply told her I was a new student and she assigned me a textbook, then sent me on my way to a seat. I tried my best to ignore Brittany, who had been giving me a death glare since our encounter with Justin. She tried to bring it up every chance she got, but I wasn’t in the mood for it. Although I couldn’t ignore her much longer.


“What the fuck was that?” she finally exploded as we sat down at an empty lunch table.


“What?” I asked innocently, pretending I had no clue I’d done anything wrong.


“With Justin? Why were you such a bitch to him?” she exclaimed, her words dripping with disdain.


I rolled my eyes as I took a large bite of school pizza. At least the food was better here than it was back home. “I wasn’t that bad,” I defended. “You should have been there yesterday, he was so rude!”


It was her turn to roll her eyes. “But it’s Justin fucking Bieber! No one is rude to him, I mean...just look at him…” she trailed off, staring behind me in a daze.


I turned around to see Justin a few tables behind us, of course surrounded by his posse of fellow jocks. I groaned and turned back around. He was such a cliche that it physically hurt.


“Hey, Brit,” some guy said as he approached our table and sat down beside her. As he sat down, he kissed the top of her head.


“Hey baby,” she said, giving him a sweet smile. “Collin, this is Harper, Harper, this is Collin, my boyfriend,” she beamed proudly.


This took me by surprise. Two seconds ago, she was drooling over Justin. And suddenly she’s dating someone? “Hi,” I said nicely.


“So you’re the new girl I keep hearing about?” he asked.


“Uh...you’ve been hearing about me?” I asked, totally confused.


“Oh, yeah!” he said as if it were obvious. “You’re the hot gossip right now,” he chuckled.


I groaned. “Do people around here seriously have nothing better to talk about?”


Collin laughed. “Well...everyone here grew up with each other, went to kindergarten with each other. You’re just...something new to talk about,” he tried to defend, although all I could manage was an eye roll. I hated being ‘something to talk about’.


“So, I was thinking,” Brittany interjected, “we should totally have a bonfire this weekend! We’ll have it by the lake, we’ll introduce Harper to everybody. It’ll be so fun!” It was unbelievable how much she was bubbling with excitement.


Collin laughed then looked over to me, rolling his eyes at her. I chuckled. “Yeah, that sounds like fun,” I told her, faking my best smile.


The rest of the day dragged on torturously slow. Thankfully, Brittany finally stopped giving me shit about Justin. And thankfully, I didn’t have any more classes with him. So although it was stress free, I was ready to get the hell out of here.


And finally, fucking finally, the bell rang at 3:30, officially ending my school day. I could not have jumped out of my seat faster.


“So what are you up to now?” Brittany asked as we walked out to the parking lot.


“Not much. I’ve just gotta go home and unpack,” I told her.


“Cool,” she said absently with a nod. “Well, here,” she said, pulling her phone out of her pocket, “put your number in and I’ll text you later. Maybe we can hang out when you’re done!”


“Yeah, maybe,” I mumbled, punching my number into her phone, then handing it back to her. “I should get going, I’ll talk to you later,” I said cheerily.


“Okay. I’m so glad I met you, Harper!” she exclaimed, pulling me into a tight hug that took me completely off guard.


I laughed. “Me too,” I told her convincingly. Geez, she’s always so happy.


She pulled back, smiling at me. “I’ll talk to you later,” she said. “Bye!” With that and a quick wave, she turned around and started making her way towards Collin’s car, where he was standing with a group of other people I didn’t know. I assumed that I would meet them at some point soon. Great.


I pulled my phone out of my pocket to check the time. 3:45. Surely if my dad were picking me up, he’d be here now. It didn’t really matter, the school wasn’t very far from home. I could walk and be there in 30 minutes.


And so I began my journey. I made my way through the parking lot, feeling like all eyes were still on me. Jesus, it was like being an attraction at the zoo. For some reason everyone wanted to stare and have ‘something to talk about’ but no one wanted to talk to me.


Well, except for one person.


I felt a pang of panic in the pit of my stomach as I heard the sound of a car approaching me, then suddenly slowly down as it got closer. I nervously glanced over my shoulder and saw a sleek black Range Rover pulling up, slowing down to my pace. I rolled my eyes once I noticed who was behind the wheel. I groaned and turned so I was facing the sidewalk in front of me. “Hi, Justin,” I muttered.


“Hey there, Harper,” he said. I could hear the smirk in his voice. “Do you uh...need a ride?”


“I’m good, thanks,” I replied, giving him a dismissive wave. I didn’t even look in his direction.


“C’mon, let me help,” he said. “Where you headed?”


I glanced over at him as I continued to walk. “Um...off of Baker’s Drive.”


He laughed. Literally laughed out loud at me. “Oh c’mon, that’ll take you like an hour to walk there. I’ll give you a ride and I’ll leave you alone, okay?” he asked.


I paused as I consider my options, looking at the long sidewalk ahead of me. An hour long walk? In 80 something degree heat? Then I looked over at Justin. A 10 minute car ride with AC?


“Fine,” I muttered, crossing the street and making my way to the passenger side. To my surprise, Justin leaned over and opened the door from the inside for me. I hesitated for a moment, taken aback by the nice gesture. “Thanks.”


“So you live off of Bakers?” he asked as he took off, glancing over at me.


I just gave him a nod as I watched the road ahead of us. There was an awkward moment of silence as Justin waited for me to say something, but I never did.


He finally spoke up again, apparently not being able to take the silence anymore. “Yeah I’ve seen that house at the end of the road, it's pretty nice. Your parents must be loaded,” he chuckled.


“Yeah, kinda,” I answered, still not looking at him. I kept my eyes on the road and the trees surrounding us.


“So...what do your parents do?” he asked.


I sighed. “My dad’s head of the IT department of some big company. He makes a shit ton,” I told him.


“That's pretty cool,” he said. I could feel his eyes burning into my cheek. Again, I just nodded, still not looking at him. “You know, you don't have to be such a bitch,” he snapped.


I rose my eyebrows as I finally looked his way. I laughed sarcastically. “You know what, just pull over, I'll walk from here,” I told him.


I put my hand on the door handle and started to pull, but Justin was too quick. He leaned over, grabbing my hand over the handle and yanking the door closed again. “Stop, stop,” he said softly, focusing on the road, then glancing at me. “Just chill, we're almost there.” He sighed. “Look, I'm just saying... I'm trying to be nice. You don't have to be so mean.”


I didn't answer. Thankfully by then, he’d pulled up to my driveway. “You can stop here,” I said. And surprisingly, he did. I grabbed my bag out of the floorboard and climbed out of his giant car. Which is hard to do when you're barely 5 feet tall. “Um...thanks for the ride, Justin,” I said as I stood there with the door open. He didn't say anything, just gave me a polite smile and nod. So wordlessly, I shut the door behind myself, and watched his car as he backed out of the gravel road, and drove off.


Thankfully the walk up the driveway didn't take as long as I'd anticipated. It was still quite the workout though. With a sigh, I walked through the front door and dropped my bag by the front door.


“Nuh uh,” my dad said, coming around the corner. “We've got dinner guests coming over, you're not leaving your stuff lying around,” he scolded.


“What? Why?” I asked, totally taken by surprise. It's only been a day, why do we already have guests?


“It's just the neighbors,” he explained. “They wanted to welcome us to the neighborhood.”


“Dad, please,” I whined, feeling like a child, “I'm so tired. Can we do dinner another night? I'm just not in the mood.”


“Sorry, hun,” he said, folding his arms. “Go take a nap or something, alright? Just make sure you're dressed and ready by 8.”


I glared at him as he walked away, to continue doing whatever it was he was doing. Probably making sure the house was “presentable for guests” even though we've been here 24 hours. Sometimes he was more of a mom than my actual mom was.


I chuckled at the thought as I grabbed my bag and headed for my room. Again, I was overwhelmed by the amount of boxes in here. But instead of following my dad's advice and taking a nap, I decided to face my problems head on, and begin unpacking.


I decided to start with my clothes, since that seemed like the easiest thing to unpack. I also had to find an outfit “presentable” for who the fuck ever was coming over tonight.


I was in a much better mood once I was standing in my walk-in closet, surrounded by all of my clothes. It felt satisfying to finally have something done. It also made this foreign place feel a little bit more like home.


But now it was time to get ready. After pulling out a handful of dresses, I decided a simple black lacey sundress with black wedges was acceptable. I dug around in my boxes for my makeup bag, and got to work on my face.


When I sat down in front of the mirror, I wanted to go all out. Having on a glamourous face full of makeup would put me in a much better mood, but I was just too tired. So instead, I just settled for a subtle contour, some mascara, and a nude lipstick. I shrugged as I looked at myself in the mirror; at least I didn't look dead anymore.


“Harper!” I heard my dad call out from the hallway. “Are you ready, hun?”


I groaned. “Yeah, Dad. I'm coming,” I called back.


“Harper, you look beautiful,” my dad told me as I came out of my room.


I couldn't help but to roll my eyes at him. “Oh, stop it, Dad,” I mumbled, though I felt the blush creeping into my cheeks.


“Now,” he said, suddenly all serious, “the neighbors are in the dining room. Go introduce yourself and please be nice.”


I chuckled as I walked past him, through the living room and towards the dining area. “I think I can handle having some manners, Dad.”


Stephanie must have heard me talking, because I heard her speak up. She mumbled something I couldn't understand, then yelled so I could hear her. “Oh, Harper,” she called out. “Come say hi to our guests!”


I stopped for just a split second before rounding the corner to the dining room to compose myself. With my fake excited smile in place, I came around the corner to the large, beautifully lit dining room, where Stephanie sat with our neighbors.


Then I saw him. Are you fucking kidding me?

      -------------------------------------------------------------   hey guys! i'll keep this short. i'm new to this site, so i'm still playing with the format and learning how to use it. PLEASEEEE leave a review, comment, anything! i would love to hear what you guys think of the story, even though it's still new. i'm always open to constructive criticism, it's been a while since i've written so i know i'm a little rusty. but please give me some feedback, i really appreciate it!! ♥
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