Our 12 Months Spent Together || 5SOS

Two bands, eight members, one tour and one reality show.

What more could you possibly want?


2. two.

"A reservation for eight," Winnie said, the two bands standing in front of the hostess stand. The film crew followed behind them, filming their every moves just like they had been for the past two days. Nothing much has happened yet, though. This was probably the most exciting thing.

"Name?" The hostess asked, tapping something into a keypad that gives off a blue glow onto the hostess.

"Uh," Winnie stuttered. She had no idea who made the reservation, only the fact that they had one to this restaurant.

"5Sos," Ashton replied from behind her. Winnie gave him a confused look as to say 'why is it made under that?' In return, Ashton just shrugged.

The hostess looked up at Ashton, glancing around at the other boys mixed in between the girls. Her face went red, realizing who she was in front of.

"Okay," The hostess said, snapping out of her staring daze. "Uh, right this way."

She led the two bands around to the back, a table outside on the heated patio. There's was the only one table out there (well technically two counting the fact that they pushed two tables together). At the entrance to the patio, there was a red velvet rope, and a sign reading RESERVED. The hostess unhooked the belt, leading the band to their table.

"Here you are," The hostess said, trying to be as calm as she possibly could, but they all knew that on the inside she was fangirling extremely hard. "Your server will be right with you."

As she was almost to the exit of the patio, when she turned around. "Do you mind if I- if I could get a picture?"

"Sure," Simone and Calum responded in an unintentional chorus. Simone glanced across the table to Calum nonchalantly.

The hostess laughed, pulling out her phone. "Okay, smile on three!" She counted down, and all eight of the band members flashed a smile at the camera as the picture snapped. "Thank you! You guys are my two favorite bands ever! I'm so excited to see you in concert on Thursday!"

"Yeah, no problem," Olivia said, laughing at the hostess as she walked off and out of the velvet gated area. The two bands hadn't said much to each other the past two days, both of them sort of minding their own business. They'd avoided each other fairly swiftly, but both of them knew that it wouldn't last like that for long, especially when they're on the road for most of the day.

"What are you thinking about getting, Hols?" Winnie asked her friend to her left, breaking the five minute awkward silence that had fallen upon them.

"These are all like the weirdest things," Holly muttered to Winnie, staring intently at the entrees on the menu. "Like, what is that?" Holly asked, pointing to some sort of pasta dish with weird sauces that Winnie had never heard of.

"No idea," Winnie answered, laughing a little and shaking her head. She turned back to her menu and looked for something to eat herself.

The music came on abruptly, playing some classical music.

"Why do I feel like this restaurant isn't what we thought it was," Micheal mumbled from the opposite end of the table.

"Just because they don't serve pizza doesn't mean that it's a bad restaurant," Luke answered Micheal.

"They don't even serve gourmet pizza," Holly whined, flipping her brown hair over her shoulder. Winnie, once again, turned to her left, being surprised by the camera in her face. She forgot that they were even there. They probably getting some view shots or something.

"She gets me, Luke," Micheal said, gesturing to Holly. Holly looked up and gave a slight wave to Luke, then continued to look back at her menu.


The group's food finally arrived, after ten minutes of trying to figure out what they were going to order. It was tedious: add this, take off this, etc.

"So," Ashton began after our food was in front of us. "What type of music does your band fall under?"

"Alternative and stuff along that line," Winnie answered simply, just like she did in interviews all the time. "What about you guys?"

"Sorry to interrupt," Olivia said, "I just find it weird that we're living together basically for twelve months and neither bands have listened to each other's music."

"That's a good point," Calum agreed.

"We should have probably done that before now," Simone muttered, laughing. Everyone began digging into their meals.


"I can say that that's some of the most exotic food I've ever had," Winnie said to the camera, during her interview in the tour bus. They tired to find room to set up the backdrop, but lost hope and decided on the moving road behind them was as good as they were going to get.

"What do you think of the boys?" The camera man asked.

"Well," Winnie said, "they're Australian...? I don't know them that well, yet. Hell, I haven't even listened to their music."

"When are you planning on doing that?" The cameraman moved the camera on the tripod slightly.

"Soon, soon. We play our first concert together on Thursday, which means that all tomorrow will be spent rehearsing," Winnie explained. She rubbed her eyes. They pulled her into an interview before she could get to use the bathroom to take off her makeup and get out of the itchy dress. It was cute, but defiantly not good for the New York weather.

"We'll catch up with you later, thank you Winnie," The camera man dismissed her. Winnie willingly got up and made her way to the bathroom, which was, of course, occupied. She rolled her eyes and climbed up to her bunk. Below her was Luke, Ashton, Micheal and Calum taking up the bunks opposite from her friends.

She pulled the curtain to her bunk closed and took her pajamas out from the small drawers that they had provided. She stripped from her dress, replacing it with some comfy pajamas. She pulled open the curtain and swung her legs over the side of her bunk, preparing to hop down, when Luke appeared from outside of his bunk, his head colliding with her feet.

"Oh my God, I'm so sorry!" Winnie exclaimed, pulling her feet up onto her bunk. Luke hopped out, rubbing his forehead.

"Yeah, I'm good," Luke said, laughing it off, and walking out to the kitchen.

Winnie hopped off the bunk, still feeling bad about what just went down. The first real conversation that she'd had with Luke was one where she hit him in the head with her feet, which were shoved inside some nude heels for a couple of hours, so she was sure that they didn't smell the greatest either.

She walked to the bathroom, luckily catching it a good time. Micheal walked out, nodding at her as she changed places with him, taking the bathroom. She locked the door and placed her makeup bag down, opening it up and wiping off the makeup. She washed her face, feeling more tired than she did during her interview. Late nights and early mornings were going to be something that she'd have to get used to.

She opened the bathroom door, it swinging out, hitting someone in the face. She groaned at herself as she looked at the person to help up, seeing Luke's face on the other side. "I'm so sorry...again," Winnie said sheepishly, helping up the blonde. He just laughed at her, shaking his head.

"Twice in twenty minutes, what do you have against me, Veldman?" Luke said, jokingly. Winnie was caught off guard by the use of her last name, but just went along with it.

"It's all yours now," Winnie said, freeing up the bathroom. Luke smiled at her once more before shutting the door. Winnie sighed, walking back to the sleeping area, then climbing up to her bunk.

I hit Luke freaking Hemmings in the face twice.


Aaaah! The second chapter!! Again, I'm not sure this is my best writing, but I just have to get used to this writing platform.

If you enjoyed it, let me know!!

Xoxo !

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