Our 12 Months Spent Together || 5SOS

Two bands, eight members, one tour and one reality show.

What more could you possibly want?


3. three.

"I'm going to fall asleep if someone doesn't decide to let us rehearse," Olivia muttered as the two bands walked into the venue on Wednesday.

"Let's not do that," Dave said, appearing out of thin air almost. He had papers in his hands, handing them out to each of the band members.

"What's this?" Calum asked, referencing to the paper that he just gave them. Winnie was wondering the same thing, too.

"This," Dave answered, "is your performance schedule. What songs you're doing and when, who's preforming when and stuff like that. I'll make a new one for every performance."

"Is this new, Dave? You've never been this controlling over our shows," Simone asked, stripping from her jacket and earmuffs, placing them on the edge of the stage. The crew was already moving in their wardrobes for tonight, and you could hear the fans outside already.

"I thought it might be a good idea, you know. For all of us to be on the same page," Dave responded. He pulled his phone out of his pocket, answering the vibrating object and holding up his index finger at the eight teens.

"I don't know why he's doing this, but just go with it," Holly said to the others before seeing her keyboard being rolled in, and rushing over to it.

"Woah, I didn't know you guys had a piano player, that's dope," Ashton said, impressed. "What do you guys play?" He pointed his drumsticks to the three lone members of The Vintages.

"I play Bass, Olivia plays drums, and Simone plays guitar," Winnie responded for her bandmates.

"Dope," Luke answered, taking a sip of the water bottle they were given by the venue.

"Girls! Start warming up your vocals and we'll get your instruments up and running and also the mikes," Dave yells, coming back from the corner where he was taking his call.

"Sometimes, Dave, you can be a real pain in the ass," Olivia muttered, more to her band mates than to anyone else. The boys had taken some seats over to the side of the stage, laughing about something that Calum had said.

All of the girls were in simple sweats and no makeup, because who would want to try and look nice on a day where they'd be dolled up in a few hours, and sweat it all off anyways.

The girls began their vocal warmups, and Winnie tried to forget that she had an audience: another band, who she was sure wouldn't judge, but they would defiantly be distracting. And, everyone who was going to watch the first episode of their show on Friday, right in front of her.

The crew placed the microphones on the spots marked on the stage, having the girls stand at them to adjust the height of them, and then asking them to do a test for them.

"I enjoy singing in sweats because they'd more comfortable than the dress I'm going to have to wear tonight," Simone sings into the microphone for a test, obviously joking.

"Ew, you chose a dress for tonight? Okay," Winnie said, testing out her mike as well, but responding to Simone. The crew can up again, handing the girls their instruments, except for Olivia, who was using the drum set they provided at the venue because her and Ashton hadn't decided who's drums to use.

"Can someone tell us what's first on the list?" Winnie asked out towards the crew, who all had a master list of the songs they were preforming.

"Something called Gem Queens," Ashton answered from the side of the stage, throwing off Winnie because she had completely forgotten that they were there.

"I didn't know that Dave was letting us perform that one yet," Olivia stated from the drum set. "I thought he said that he didn't like it."

The girls were right, Dave vetoed the song for no particular reason, and the girls didn't even have a studio recording of it, they'd only preformed it a couple of times at local gigs or in front of friends and family.

"I'm not complaining," Holly answered from the keyboard. Gem Queens had always been one of Holly's favorite songs, probably because she wrote it. Most of the songs were written by Simone because she had an amazing way with words and telling a story, but each of them took their turns in writing music from time to time.

"So for everyone out in the audience here, at 9am in the morning," Winnie said into the microphone, "you get to hear the first performance of Gem Queens. Enjoy."

The instrumentals began, giving off the edgy feel that the band always went for and Winnie began singing for the first verse. Preforming in front of the crowd really brought the best out of these girls. Usually they were pretty introverted, kept to themselves, but when on stage, a new version was brought to life. One with edge and personality. One with a feel of 'I dare you'.

"How was that?" Winnie asked, exhilarated by the drums.

"That was..." Calum began, at a loss for words.

"Edgy," Micheal finished for him. The guys nodded at Michaels choice of words and the girls smile.

"We try sometimes," Winnie said, "What's next."


The Vintages finished preforming, leaving the stage with applauds from everyone, and taking the seats that the boys were sitting in. This was the moment of truth: what kind of band were they touring with?

As they began to play their songs, all of the girls found themselves bopping along to their music. It was catchy, and reminded Winnie of a boy band, but not in a bad way. All of them looked comfortable up on stage and looked like they were immensely enjoying it.

The finally finished and hopped off stage, walking over to the girls.

"Well?" Luke asked, running his hands though his blonde hair.

"Very cool. I liked it a lot," Simone responded, with nods and 'yeah's going around the girls.

"Well I'm glad you like our sound and we like yours. Makes for an easy tour," Calum said, smirking.

"I'm guessing we're going to do another round?" Holly suggested, plugging back in her earplugs to get ready to preform again.

"Nope," Dave said, coming out from backstage to meet them. "You still have one more song to preform- both of you."

Winnie looked down at the list, scanning to the bottom. She noticed one more song on the list: She's Kinda Hot- 5 Seconds of Summer & The Vintages.

"That's one of their songs, though, Dave," Olivia said, looking over Winnie's shoulder at the list.

"You'll be preforming this one together," Dave replied simply, pulling out more papers and handing them to the eight teens.

"Dave, this is a new score and new lyrics," Ashton stated, flipping through the multiple pages of stapled music.

"We added in lyrics for the girls and wrote in more solos," Dave explained, pointing to all the spots he changed through the entire song.

"I don't like this idea," Simone mumbled, looking at the music. "And, this is their sound, not ours. We'd never sing something like this."

"Too bad. You're preforming it tomorrow, so get working on it," Dave said shortly and walking backstage again.

"How come we're the performers and we can't make our own decisions," Micheal asked aloud.

"Welcome to working with Dave. It'll be more of a pleasure when he knows you better," Olivia stated with a forced smile.

"Let's just play though it," Luke muttered, walking back up on the stage again, followed by everyone else.

This just led to more drama to put on the show, and more drama for Dave to just sit back and watch.


Chapter three! If you're enjoying it, make sure to let me know!!

Xoxo !

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