Our 12 Months Spent Together || 5SOS

Two bands, eight members, one tour and one reality show.

What more could you possibly want?


1. one.

"Why did I agree to this again?" Winnie

"What's the point of this?" Simone

"Is this just for publicity?" Luke

"Who the hell would even watch this?" Olivia

"I don't like this idea." Ashton

"Look, I just wanna make music." Calum

"Will there be free food?" Micheal

"I don't even know these people." Holly


Winnie Veldman walked briskly to the recording studio, the day after New Years, January first. The day where she, and the rest of her band, would pile onto a tour bus to tour the United States with another band.

A few months back, both bands were doing exceptionally well, and their managers decided to conjoin companies. Both of the managers had the stellar idea of the two bands going on tour together- and not only that- but also, a television series because it was going to be so very interesting.

Winnie rolled the eyes, even at the thought, and continued in down the sidewalk, passed crazed fans for the band that they were going on tour with. Here and there, fans would ask for pictures, but for the most part it was about when they'd get a chance to see them. Who was this band, you may ask?

No other than the Australian heartthrobs themselves: 5 Seconds of Summer.

Whoever thought that it was a good idea to send the two bands together on tour, and have a television show recorded and put up live every Friday at 8pm was out of their minds. But, the company had given The Vintages their big break, and none of them wanted to leave their manager that they'd all grown to love.

It was weird though, a girl band touring with a boy band? That seemed like a disaster waiting to happen to Winnie. At least she got to play in front of her fans almost every night for twelve months. That was an offer she couldn't pass up.

Her phone buzzed from inside of her pocket and she pulled it out with her gloved hand, and began to read the text while walking. Her band mate, and one of her best friends, Olivia had texted.

OliveOil: bish, we're about to start with the interviews, so hurry tf uppppp

Winnie read the text, and over her friends fowl language. She groaned to herself quietly and under her breath, beginning to pick up her pace, for what it was worth in negative weather.

She rounded the corner, now jogging up towards the bus.

"Wait," Winnie said aloud, staring at the lone bus. "I thought there was supposed to be two, one for each band."

"There was," Dave, their manager said from the entrance of the tour bus, "but the cost came out too high when we were calculating it, so we decided on one. Hope you all get to be pretty comfortable with each other real soon."

"What?" Winnie muttered, starring at the bus. There was no way that they were making her get on that bus, be comfortable with eight people on one bus, and have someone filming them...on that bus.

Cameras appeared behind her, about scaring her crapless when she turned around to try and find her friends. She didn't realize that they'd begin filing so soon. Flustered, Winnie smiled and tried to make herself look as un-flustered as possible.

"Miss Veldman," the camera guy said, "you can follow us for your interview."

"Oh, uhm," Winnie answered, unable to actually wrap her head around what was going on. She followed the camera man and his assistant, holding his extra filming stuff, and led her into a small room with a black backdrop, and a few filming lights. One stool sat in the middle, and Winnie, still bundled up from the negative New York weather, took a seat. The crew fixed the camera quickly, then adjusting the lense.

"Now all we want for you to tell us is what you're thought is on this entire thing," the camera man prompted, "oh and also what band you're in." He posited to her, and a red light flashed on the front of the camera.

"Hey, I'm Winnie Veldman from The Vintages," Winnie answered naturally, like she'd done in countless interviews before, "To be honest, the whole thing seems weird, I've never met these guys before, and now I'm going to be sharing a tiny travel bus with them for twelve months while on tour. It's just crazy," Winnie replied, trying to answer the question as best she could without seeming harsh in the amount of time she was given. The fed light stopped flashing and the camera crew dismissed her. She exited the small film room and walked around the bus, looking at their bands plastered on the sides. Someone knocked from above her in the bus, and she quickly realized it was Holly Heathers, her bandmate.

Winnie smiled at her friend, walking around to the entrance of the bus, stepping on and inside, feeling the warm air blasting out around her. It was a nice change from the negative weather.

"Thank you for finally joining us, Pooh," Holly said, giving her bandmate a quick hug. Winnie looked around, noticing that the bus looked a little bigger than she thought. A small kitchen in the isle, and a small little eating area. There was a curtain guarding one part of the bus, right after the kitchen. Holly pulled it back, leading Winnie into the sleeping area. There were three sets of three bus beds, all with their own curtains. It was a dimly lit room, most likely because all of the light was in the small sleeping chambers.

"Pick your favorite," Olivia said, pulling open a curtain on the top bunk on the right side. Winnie looked inside of Olivia's bunk: here's was already decorated with her own stuff, and her own sheets on it, too.

"So we're all sleeping in the same facility?" Winnie asked, this entire tour sounding more and more ridiculous by the minute.

"Seems like it," Simone, Winnie's last best friend and band mate answered, swinging over her legs on the second bunk on the same side as Olivia', her brown locks about hitting Winnie in the face. She guessed that the last one in the same row was taken by Holly, since she was the last one here. Winnie picked the top one on the row right next to her friends, hoping that the other band would be able to work it out as to where she didn't have to switch.

Winnie didn't have any stuff to put on her bunk yet, so she just took off her jacket and her beanie, laying them across the bed. Each little camber had their own small television, charging port and earbuds, courtesy of the company.

"Holly?" Someone called from the front of the bus. Holly got up out of her bunk on the bottom, looked at the girls a little confused, and then walked off, closing the curtain leading into the first half of the bus behind her.

"I'll bet you that's the news crew," Simone said, almost annoyed.

"Why'd we even agree to this anyways?" Olivia asked the question everyone has been wondering.

"If I had a reason, would I be ignoring Dave's calls?" Winnie responded. It was true, though. Most calls from her manager she let go straight to voicemail because she didn't want him telling her about how great the tour was going to be, and then adding something else onto it. She was trying to make the best of the situation, per usual with Winnie, but every time something new popped up, it seemed it just infuriate her.

"Okay, wait. When are we going to actually meet the boys we're going on tour with? We're supposed to be leaving for our first stop in three hours," Olivia asked. She looked down at her watch, a cat one that Winnie had bought her for her birthday.

"I was wondering the same thing," Simone muttered, taking out her phone.


"I think the girls are already in there," Winnie heard Dave's voice say from outside of the Bus. She looked at her phone, displaying a picture of her and her friends at the fair this last summer.

All of them were vastly different. Winnie was the blonde, tall, and the leader almost of the band. Olivia was a gorgeous Asian with dark blue steaks running throughout her hair, and suitcases full of different designer glasses. All of her fans had ones that she'd released the year before. Holly was the one who was the youngest, her birthday a year younger than Winnie exactly. Her hair was a light brown that complimented her tan features. Simone was defiantly the prettiest out of all of them: her hazel eyes and dark brown curls were the perfect combination with her full lips and fair skin.

Winnie snapped back to reality as she heard Dave open up the curtain leading into where her and her bandmates were resting, waiting for them to finally show up.

The first thing Winnie noticed about the boys was the fact that all of them seemed too tall for the bus in general. They all matched in black skinny jeans and some sort of shoe matching in color. They all sort of stood in the middle im of the isle, like deer in headlights.

"5sos, meet The Vintages."


Aaah! The first chapter! It's late at night while I'm writing this, so I'm hoping that this chapter turned out okay and you sort of got the picture as to what's going on. This defiantly isn't my best writing, but if you like it, make sure to give me feedback!!


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