Little Things

The little things about us <3


3. Yours


We worked around so many things to make this day happen. You and I agree that it was a date, but not our first official date. That was reserved for an upcoming day. But we yearned so badly to spend time together, so we worked hard to make it possible. We met up in the afternoon at the park next to our high school. We sat on a bench together, in the shade, under the trees. How long were we there? A couple of hours? Perhaps three? We were just sitting there, talking, getting to know each other and enjoying one another's company. I hardly remember everything we talked about. But I remember feeling so happy right there with you. You wrapped your arm around me and I felt at home. I felt warm and safe. I denied your compliments even though they put butterflies in my tummy and a huge smile on my face. And all the cheesy and smooth things you said to me only made me fall in love with you more. 

Then we walked together to McDonald's. It's not really an ideal date spot, but nonetheless, we made memories there. You bought us food and we sat at the booth our group usually takes. We sat there together, eating and talking. We didn't say it until later, but we both noticed that the radio was playing nothing but love songs. We took it as a clear sign. We shared our first kiss there. I remember sensing you being incredibly nervous and my heart pounding against my chest when our faces would get close. After our kiss, you asked me to be yours. Your girlfriend. I felt like I had been waiting an eternity for you to ask me that. Of course, I said yes. And then I didn't want to leave after that. I wanted to spend the rest of the day all the way throughout the night with you. I just wanted to stay right there with you. I didn't care where we were, as long as I was with you. Because I'm yours and you're mine, and being with you was all that I wanted. 

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