Little Things

The little things about us <3


1. Feelings


The beginning of that night was such a blur. My memory often fails me. But I'll never forget what you told me... and how I felt. I had been going through so much. All four of us lost two friends that day. It was infuriating. Depressing. A tragedy. It was the most that I had felt wrath and hatred in the longest time. However, I see it as that you saw this sudden turn of events, a betrayal from ex-friends, a loss... as an opportunity.

It was the dead of night. The other two had gone to bed. I decided to stay up later, despite how tired my body and mind were. I messaged you. That's where this all began. That's when you were brave enough... to tell me. You told me that you liked me. My heart pounded in my chest. I didn't know how to react. I was shocked and confused. I never thought for a second that you felt attraction towards me. Especially because of... her. The irony of the situation is that, not too long before you confessed to me, I was complaining to one of our friends about my lack of a love life. He suggested you. Do you know what I said to him? I said, "He kind of has to like me back in order for that to work out." And here we are... You finally admitted that you like me.

And you know what? I felt something the day that we met. That day in the theater when you were helping sign kids in. We clicked and got along practically instantly. Even then, you made me laugh so much and I wanted to get to know you more. I remember thinking to myself, "He'd make a good boyfriend." I thought that to myself so often, even when you were with her. But I was always such a good friend. I never acted on those thoughts and that little spark I felt that day. Your heart belonged to her, and I was one of her best friends. I tried to help keep you two together. But then she ruined it.

You don't care about her anymore. You told me yourself. You remember, I know you do. After you confessed to me, I wanted to be yours right then. But my worries and fears were making it difficult for me to make a proper decision. I was scared that if we did date, her and her puppeteer would have my head. We all knew how much she loved you and was obsessed with you. They would both thirst for my blood. I was scared of this especially if we were all to make up and become friends again. But you reassured me. Your heart doesn't belong to her anymore. You became protective when I shared my fears with you... And I liked it. They would have to go through you to get to me. I felt secure. I didn't have to feel bad about these feelings we shared between each other. 

And now... we're in love. Your heart belongs to me. My heart belongs to you. I promise I'll take good care of your heart and I won't try to break it. Please promise that you'll take special care of my heart, too. I love you. 

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