As a junior in high school, there are many challenges that are constantly being faced each having its own complexity and consequences. This is how my life fell apart.


1. Intro

Growing up as an only child, I forced myself to make friends to avoid being alone and to avoid my abusive family. Throughout high school I became more and more popular each year but only trusting one girl, Tiffany. Tiffany and I have been friends since the beginning of the year sharing interests in the same music, style and boys.

I walk out of my room running my fingers through my hair and grabbing my bag. I walk out of the house and instantaneously feel the heat engulf my body and I say to myself “thankfully I wore shorts” and I panically run to my car to avoid my makeup melting off of my face. I hop in my car and turn the radio on, which is then interrupted with a phone call from Tiffany.  

Tiffany: “Hey Kris!”

Me: “Hi Tiffany, I’m on my way!”

Tiffany: “Okay! Awesome, I’ll see you in a bit!”

Me: “Okay, bye!”

I get to Tiffany’s house and notice her car isn’t there but I figured that it’s just in the garage. I ring the doorbell and when the door opens I see her brother.

Liam: “Oh hey Kris, what’s up?”

Me: “Hey Liam”

Liam: “My sister ran to the store but she should be back in a while, you can watch some tv. I’ll be in the shower.”

Me: “Alright, thanks”

I sit down and flip through the channels stopping at a rerun episode of Pretty Little Liars. Not long after, I hear the water shut off and I know the bathroom is clear. I walk up the stairs and open the door and walk in and close the door. The shower door opens and Liam steps out.

Me: I scream. “Oh shit, I am so sorry!”

Liam “Oh crap I didn’t hear the door close, let me get out of your way.”

After using the restroom, I decide to go to Liam and apologize. I knock.

Liam: “come on in.”

Me: “Hey I’m so sorry, I thought you had already gotten out.”

I look up at Liam, who is only wearing a towel and I catch myself staring.

Liam: “Don’t even worry, do you know when my sister will be back?”

Me: “She said that she would be back in about half of an hour.”

Liam “Good”

Liam approaches me with a smirk and he places his hands on my hips with a look In his eyes.

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