I knew you were trouble but you changed?

Anna Margaret she is 18 and she has a part time because she just been accepted into acting and singing. But what happens if she sees her bully tht once was her best friend in Primary school Zayn Malik.


1. Chapter 1.

-Anna's POV-


I can't believe I stood outside the college that I always wanted here, I walked with my suite-case and I looked at the letter in which room I was meant to be it was Room 45B and I got no clue where it was, I saw a teacher and asked' Excuse me sir, do you know where room 45B would be?' , He smiled and said 'You must me a newbie its on the second floor, keep going town and its on your right hand side'. I smiled back and thanked him. I started walking until I bump into someone onto the stairs, 'I am so sorry'. I apologised and I looked up and she had the most bitchy face expression wow , 'Watch where you going freak'. The girl said. Wow I thought to myself this is going to be a long day. 


I finally arrived second floor and I kept walking until my suitcase got caught in the old carpet and tripped over it and someone came over and went ' Hey there freak remember me', I recognise  that voice no it cant be, I fixed my glasses and it was Zayn that I never wanted to see ever after what he has done to me. I picked myself up and found my room and I could hear him laugh with his members he might be famous but I hate him for what he done to me in high school.  I opened the door and saw the was a girl and she looked up at me and smiled 'Hey Im Alex you must be Anna, let me help you and we can do a make over on you if that's okay'. I nodded and hugged I might not know her but I sure I am going to like this with my new roomie. 


She helped me unpack everything and she asked me few questions because then she knows that kinda make-over to do on me, She took my glasses off and she said 'we going to put in contacts look up'. I looked up and they were purple contacts that I could see and my eyes were purple as well,also she did my make up and straighten my hair and dressed me in black tights and on top a skirt and a stripped tank top. She looked at me smiled 'Go look at yourself in the mirror mi lady' she giggled. I looked myself in the mirror, omg I look different I was so fat but everything I threw up many times and starved now look at me I got a slim body. 


I ran to her and hugged her, 'Thank you so much, I looked amazing, shall we go to our introduction class apparently we have a famous boy-band in'. She nodded and we walked linked arms and everything we sat down together and the teachers name was already on the board she was called Mrs Fleming me and Abbie giggled. The teacher gave us a dirty look and I looked over the girl that I bumped into her name is Hallie, I went up to her and Abbie looked at me and said 'Anna leave it please'. I looked at her and mouthed one word that's it, she nodded 'Well well in it Hallie the girl that I said sorry and gave the bitchy look, got one word to say watch your back  okay'. I said and laughed and I didnt noticed that the One Direction came in and Zayn looked shocked. I smirked and sat next to Abbie and she gave me a high five and we did our hand sake. 


Apparently we are going to do a play but first they want to pair us into the classes so Mrs. Fleming called names out, Anna Margaret, Abbie Lakes, and everyone else but Hallie Jones was in and she looked scared and I mouthed boo. Abbie lowed high fived me and we giggled and share a room and when the bell went we all went our spearate ways but me and Abbie stayed together.






Hey guys I need a co-author to help me finish this book because I want to go on but I need help

comment if u wanna help please 


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