Halkin Estel

In a kingdom hidden from human and demonic eyes, the unique peacefulness of a warm summer night is disrupted by a sudden invasion.

Faervel Halkin, has now been dragged out of her slumber and into the corridors and the alleys of her own homeland; with only one request from her family. To leave, live, and never forget.

Leaving everything behind her, she must find her own path towards her destiny and towards the only solution that will help her save her beloved kingdom.

Because Faervel Halkin will not forget, and will certainly not forgive.

*First, rough draft*


1. Prologue

"Life need not be a story, but it does need to be an adventure" - Douglas Coupland


"Faervel?" someone shouted. "Faervel, wake up!" She felt hands gripping her shoulders, shaking her. "Wake up, Faervel."

Her eyes opened, and she immediately stood up, searching for the source of the voice. A candle was lit in the far corner of her chambers, creating long, threatening shadows.


"Who goes there?" she whispered, and instantly grabbed the dagger she hid underneath her pillow. "Who are you?" She squinted her eyes and walked to the person.


Underneath the unusually ruffled and disheveled blond hair, the dirt and the ripped dress, a woman appeared. She clutched a bag and a sword close to her body. Not a sword. The sword. Aelon. It was only wielded by the Eru to smite the darkness, banish the dark princes and restore the.. wait, the intruder.


"It's me Lady Faervel,” whispered the woman. "Aneta." She then hurriedly pressed the bag to Faervel's hands, and took a step back. "It's an emergency, Lady," she said. "You need to gather some of your belongings, dress up as fast as you possibly can, and then we need to leave."


Faervel didn't second guess the old woman. She was after all her mother's closest friend. She started gathering her twin swords and some of her clothes. She wore her black trousers and cape, arranged her silver hair in a pony tail and looked back at Aneta.


"What's going on?" she asked, and her face blanched as she heard a bone-chilling scream. "Aneta?" she whispered. "What aren't you telling me?"


"Demons, milady. Demons."




Faervel ran, as fast and far as she had never ran before. She turned into corridors, pushed through doors, tripped on stairs, and finally found the door to the hidden catacombs. She, however, never let Aneta's hand go.


The poor woman had never expected her Lady to take this route, never expected her to drag her with her nonetheless. But Faervel was not one of those who left others behind. No, she was one of those who sacrificed their lives for the lives of others. And that's what Aneta was so afraid of.


For Aneta's orders were clear.


"Aneta, listen to me. You have to wake Lady Faervel. You have to make sure that she leaves immediately. She must not look back. She must not come back. And for no reason, must you let her come close to our chambers." Lady Calaerdis said. "Be careful Aneta. Leave with her if you can. And tell her... tell her we love her, and we wish it were otherwise."


Aneta sniffed, and clutched her wounded stomach tightly. She knew that was the last time she would see her dear friend, whether she lived or not. She took a long breath and looked at her bloodstained dagger. I had to tell her, she thought, and smiled at the ceiling. She then looked back at Faervel and closed her eyes. There is still hope.

Mingled in her thoughts, Aneta never saw the unexpected bundle of rocks. She stumbled and fell down, causing Lady Faervel to stop on her tracks.


"Are you alright, Aneta?" She helped the woman up, and let her catch her breath.

"Lady Faervel," she said, and coughed. "Lady Faervel, you need to leave. I cannot come with you, and you must not stay here." Aneta's hand traveled once more to her stomach, where a red stain was slowly, but surely, spreading.


It was not dirt that she had seen on the woman, realized Faervel. It was blood.

"Aneta, hold on." She made the woman sit on a nearby rock, and then she ripped a piece of the hem(?) of her own black tunic. She  pushed her hands across the wound, applying pressure. She wanted to stop the bleeding as much as she possibly could; but it was impossible. For the wound seemed to be fatal, and the blood loss was already great.


"Why didn't you tell me?" she asked calmly, looking into her eyes.


Aneta's eyes started to drop, and her color faded bit by bit, as the blood continued to flow like Elfrine's river from her wound. She smiled however and looked up at her friend's daughter.


"I was ambushed on my way to your chambers, milady. I managed to get away, but not before I got stabbed," she wheezed. "You needed to be informed. Your home is burning, milady. And... and it’s their fault. Your father-," she coughed. "Your father wanted you to have this." she breathed and handed her Aelon. "Go, milady. Acorn is waiting in the stables. He's already saddled"


Faervel hesitated. If her father had given her this sword... she didn't want to know what that meant. She looked at Aneta with teary eyes. She could not simply abandon Aneta here. She could take her with her, but there was no telling in just how much pain the woman was in now.


"Milady…," whispered Aneta, knowing exactly what Faervel was thinking. "Go."

Faervel looked at Aneta once more, and then at Aelon. She shouldn't ask this she knew, but she couldn't help herself.


"Aneta... what about mother and father?" she asked, already knowing the answer. "Have they left?"


Aneta's expression fell, the corners of her mouth turning down, her eyes filling with salty water. "No, Faervel." she said. "They... cannot leave."




It took these three words to tear Faervel's world and self-preservation apart. Her family and her home, was all she had, and now both were utterly destroyed, beyond repair. She fell on her knees and let out a strangled sob, which echoed through the dark tunnels of the catacombs.


She felt a hand on her knee, and she looked up at a tear stained Aneta. "You need to leave, Faervel. It's too late for us, but it's not too late for you." She smiled and raised the girls chin. "You have your mother's blessing and your father's power. Train and combine the two, and there'll be a day, when this land will see the light of freedom again. Honor our death by living, Faervel."


Faervel's eyes brimmed with tears as she shakily got up on her feet and thanked Aneta. The woman nodded once more and did not close her eyes until she was certain that Faervel had chosen the right path.


"May the gods guide you, Faervel Halkin." she whispered, and finally let her last breath.




Faervel Halkin stood near Acorn in the hill above her homeland. She watched as the demons tore household by household apart, killed every single person and raided every treasure her homeland held dear.

When her gaze finally fell on her burning house, she turned around and willed herself to leave. She mounted Acorn, her black river mare, and silently fled to Elfrine.


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