Halkin Estel

In a kingdom hidden from human and demonic eyes, the unique peacefulness of a warm summer night is disrupted by a sudden invasion.

Faervel Halkin, has now been dragged out of her slumber and into the corridors and the alleys of her own homeland; with only one request from her family. To leave, live, and never forget.

Leaving everything behind her, she must find her own path towards her destiny and towards the only solution that will help her save her beloved kingdom.

Because Faervel Halkin will not forget, and will certainly not forgive.

*First, rough draft*


2. Chapter One ❄ Dreams

"What defines us, is how well we rise after falling"



Lord Lacus stared out of his window thoughtfully. He had woken up in the middle of the night, drenched in sweat; dreading that something had gone wrong. He had seen Corhen burning, he had felt the heat of the fire. But it was impossible for anyone to breach the defenses of Corhen. It was just a dream, he thought. Just a dream. But he hadn't dreamt since he was a small child.


He looked at the starless dark sky, that loomed above Elfrine and clenched his eyes in despair.


They will be just fine. It's just a dream. Positive thinking. No harm's done to anyone.

Lost as he was into his thoughts, he failed to notice the blue orb of his star - shaped ice necklace glow. It was when he felt a warmth spreading on his chest, that he finally realized that someone was trying to communicate with him.


He took a long breath to calm himself, closed his eyes, and pressed the warm necklace inside his palm. He then shoved every negative thought that conquered his mind, and replaced it with an eerie calmness. Then, and only then, could he and his fellow contacts, communicate with perfection.


His body instantly materialized inside his thoughts, his raven hair reaching up to his shoulders, and his nightgown still drenched in sweat.


He wrinkled his nose in disgust and looked around in confusion as the rest of the world came into focus. Failing to find the one who had called, he closed his sky blue eyes once more, and when he reopened them, Lord Frithorn was standing before him.


Lacus failed to hide his surprise as he beheld the Lord in front of him. The usually well-presented Lord hardly stood on his feet, his clothes were ripped, his silver hair a mess, and his body was in bleeding scars.


Lacus blinked once more and looked around terrified. He was standing on a war zone. Black smoke engulfed the sky and the buildings before him, and soldiers lay dead all around him. Mothers tried to protect their children with their bare hands, and elders stood their ground with them.


"Lacus" Frithorn choked. "They are here."


Lacus felt his heart drop. So it wasn't just a dream. He tried to speak but was instantly stopped by the Lord.


"I do not have enough time, so hear me out Lacus" he breathed. "They destroyed our enchantments and have just entered my home. Calaerdis... she's-" he clenched his eyes. "She's gone."


Lacus let out a sob and looked at the tear - stained Lord. "What can I do, Frithorn? I'll summon the king right away; explain to him that-"


The young Lord shook his head. "You can't. The king cannot be summoned just yet. This... this was our fight, and we lost." He sighed and looked Lacus in the eye. "There is hope. One of us escaped, Lacus. And I'm almost certain that her first stop will be Hertila. Do not seek her out. She must come to you."


Lacus felt the connection falter bit by bit, and looked at Frithorn with worry.

"This... what you see here.. it's what has become of us. So Please. Help her, Lacus... She'll need you." He clenched his hand and grunted in pain. "Tell her that we will always be with her. Help-"


And then everything went black.


  - o -




Lord Frithorn felt the pain mere seconds before his connection with Lacus faltered. His eyes traveled down his body, only to meet with the irregular view of an arrow penetrating the soft flesh around his stomach.


His knees buckled and he fell unwillingly on the floor, his sword falling from his hand soundlessly. He breathed and clutched the arrow in his hand carefully, and then pulled it out fast enough for him to conceal his upcoming scream with a grunt.

He threw the arrow as far as he possibly could and looked around his bedroom. Calaerdis's body lay stone cold on the bed, one of her hands outstretched as if to hold someone. The white silk bed sheets were now covered in her bright red blood.

He tried to move, to crawl his way to her, but found it impossible. He turned his head towards the grand window and looked outside.


Up on the hill that once foreshadowed and protected Corhen, stood a cloaked figure. It's head bowed down, it looked as if it scanned the town; and when its gaze finally reached his, it turned around and left.




                                                                              - o -


Lacus sat still on the floor, his knees folded underneath him. How could it be, that one of the most protected places in the whole world, was now destroyed?

And how would he know who she was? Granted, he had met her when she was younger; but that was the problem.


For he had met her when she was only four years old. He doubted that she even remembered him. And all he could remember from her, was the combination of silver hair and blue eyes, that run through the family.


How would she conceal herself, if she found her way to Hertila? She shouldn't let anyone know who she was, for she would likely be dead if she did.


"Do not seek her out" Frithorn had said. "She'll come to you."


But what if she didn't? The girl, as far as he knew, had never traveled outside Corhen. And she was so young, she shouldn't be travelling alone... she probably didn't even know how to use a sword, if not a dagger.


"Oh, Gods" he whispered and fell face first on the floor. "We are going to suffer."


  - o -


Night went and day came, and Lacus's consciousness had yet to come.


His raven hair were sprawled everywhere around him, creating a small pool of black, and his hands were pinned underneath his body weight. His slim, yet muscular body, was still covered by his nightgown, which during the rest of the night, had been stuck on him.


As the first arrays of light made their way into his chambers; so did his loyal friend, Methedel.


"You know..." he said loudly and poked Lacus's side. "If it weren't for that pool of drool, I'd thought you to be dead."


"What..." Lacus grumbled and turned around. He frowned at the stiffness his hands felt and wiggled them around as he sat up from his previous position. "What happened?"


"How should I know? I came inside and found you like that. I was hoping you'd enlighten me." Methedel looked curiously from Lacus's bed, to Lacus, to his balcony. "Why are you sleeping so far away from your bed..? Did you sleepwalk again?"


Lacus frowned and rubbed his eyes. "I had the most disturbingly weird dream." He slowly got up on his feet and wobbled his way to the balcony. He turned his back to the young man who trailed after him, and looked outside.


Below him lay the capital city of Elfrine, Hertila. From above, the city looked like a mix of gold and green, thus the reason that Elfrine's royal colors were, in fact, gold and green.


The city bordered with Elfrine's biggest forest, Glurylf, and in the very entrance of it, there lay five paths. Each path led to another destination, mostly to the other parts of Elfrine.


However, this was not the only road in and out of Hertila. There was another road in the very end of the city. The northern gate, as it was called, led to a different kind of kingdom. No one knew where it was, and only a few were blessed with the knowledge of its position.


Those who were to travel for reasons that could not be avoided, would forget the location as soon as they returned inside the borders of the Elfrine kingdom, and the gates of Hertila. And none ever questioned those who came back.


The only ones who would be permitted to keep that sacred knowledge, were the king of Elfrine, and citizens who came to Hertila by that kingdoms royal quests. That, however, did not stop Elfrine's people, those who had no reason at all to leave, from searching.


Because, that kingdom was said to be the richest, and the most magical kingdom in the world. Spirits, long forgotten, had found their way there, and were living peacefully amongst the other citizens.


It was said, that those who lived there were not afraid of the power they held, and cherished it for what it was, and for what it could do.


Corhen, that kingdoms capital was said to be one of the most beautiful and most protected places. No one knew how, or why, but as myths and books have it, after the first demonic war, Corhen's and the rest of the kingdom's losses were so great, that they enhanced the whole kingdom, in order to prevent anyone from reaching out to it. And therefore, its location remained unknown.


But what really brought people out in the wilds, in the frosty mountains and forests of the north, were the legends about the royal family.


It was said, that the family possessed a power so great, that when wielded, it could refrain anyone from harming their kingdom. And the royals were, as people had heard, the most kind hearted kings and queens this era had ever seen.


"Excuse me?"


Lacus snapped back to reality and looked at Methedel.

"You were daydreaming... again." Methedel shook his head in disappointment and grabbed Lacus's hand. "You need to get dressed. It's almost time for your morning meetings."


Lacus followed the young man inside and stepped inside his closet. His mind flew to the dreams he had the night before and he unconsciously touched the icy necklace.

"Frithorn..." he whispered.


"Did you say something?" said Methedel who was currently supervising his friends closet. "Ugh, so messy... Do you not have any servants at all?"


"I don't like people who mess with my stuff, Methedel. You of all people should have known better." Lacus started dressing without even looking at what he was choosing to wear. "Please let me be, Lord Methedel. I'd like to dress on my own and have a little bit of privacy."


"Lord..? But-"


"Go. Please."


"Fine. Don't get your pointy ears in a twist."


As soon as Methedel left, Lacus took out his necklace and focused on calming himself. "I nahámë Frithorn" he whispered and waited for the usual room to appear in his mind. But when nothing happened Lacus sat on the floor and hugged his knees.

"So it's true." He sighed and closed his eyes. "There is no home to go back to now."


  - o -


Methedel stood outside Lacus's closet door and sighed. Once more, his friend seemed to have not slept well the night before, and what really annoyed him was that he would have to carry on with his annoying whining all day.


"Foolish Corhen people." He mumbled and punched the air in front of him. "He'll take an hour to get dressed at this rate. And then I will have to deal with his arrogant council members. Met do this and Met do that. Ugh."


"What are you mumbling about Met?" said a voice behind him. "I do hope that you're not whining again."


"N-no. Gods, Lacus you scared me." Methedel turned around to see an amused looking Lord staring at him.


"Methedel. I'm sorry, I know that this is a very short notice, but I'd like you to cancel my meetings with the council. I do not have time for these fools today, as I have an important matter to attend to."


"But Lord Trithon came here only for today, and only for this meeting. You can't honestly expect him to make a three days trip back and forth all the time Lacus!"

Lacus stared at his friend. It was not often that his friend would disobey his wishes, but it was even rarer for Lacus to cancel a meeting.


"He'll understand." He said and looked on the floor.


"Yes, but I'll be the one who'll hear his godly curses not you." Methedel studied Lacus with a frown. "Something is wrong, isn't it? Something has happened."


Lacus looked up at him startled and nodded his head in disagreement.


"Everything is fine. Do me a favor and call Lord Akkarin will you? I have an important announcement to make to him."


Methedel eyed his friend thoughtfully. He knew something was amiss, but he wasn't quite sure what it was. "Are you sure that you're alright?"


Lacus rolled his eyes and smiled at his friend. "Yes, Methedel, I'm quite alright. You know me! Daydreamer and all. Everything is fine."


Just fine, he thought as he watched Methedel leave his chambers.


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