This story is about a girl who falls in love with the one and only Harry Styles. This story also includes traumatizing deaths.


1. Half way there


I have a famous wife and a beautiful daughter this is my story. Just for a little bit until someone else takes over. My wife loves 1D and went to see them at a meet up and talk to them. She's 42. My daughter. Is adopted. But we really love her. Anyways when my wife went to meet them Harry gave my 20 year old daughter his number. But my wife she died that day. Here I'll make u feel how it happened as if you were really there. As they spoke screams of thousands if girls whent off. My wife saw someone with a gun pointing it at the boys. The lights whent off and she jumped gunfire could be heard over the screams and of course now my daughter is traumatized by people except for one person. My wife bled out my daughter held her in her arms. My wife cried I wanna go home tell your dad I love him. Goodbye baby. Goodbye. Mom no Grace shouted aka my daughter. After she was gone Harry asked if she would like to hang out with the boys. She hugged Harry and cried into his shirt hers was covered in blood. I have no where to go my dad won't let me go home. Until I make a living. By that he means having a boyfriend with a job getting myself a job. I'll never live up to expectations but I just lost my mom. Thank you Harry for letting me stay.

I saw Harry crying. As he answered me. I hugged him then asked if he could lay with me until I fell asleep. He said of course. He let me take a shower. He also let me sleep in one of his shirts. All the boys came in and sat on the end of the bed. Ad sang "we will be here. Forever. Grace you are the brightest star. No matter where you are". As they finished I started crying and Louis came up an hugged me and asked "do u like carrots"? Sure I replied with a little giggle. I hugged the rest of the boys and said goodnight. Harry was asleep so I slept next to him. Then he whispered "will you be my girlfriend"? I would love to I kissed his cheek then smiled an slid down onto his chest goodnight. I love your butterfly by the way. Thanks he smirked. No problem. Goodnight Harry. This is our last tour until the break. You deserve it babe and then I get to hang with you more. Yay. I can't believe I turned 21 yesterday. I can't believe we've been together for 2 months. Haha very cute. What do you wanna do today? It's raining. Wait I have an idea. Can we go out in the rain and make up a scene then to where you kiss me like in the notebook. Sure. It's your day. It's a day after my birthday. But I have a surprise for you. What is it? Well it wouldn't be a surprise if I told you now would it. I jumped on Harry as he was buttoning his shirt and we fell on the bed and started laughing. So is your surprise fun? Maybe. It could totally suck. Harry you totally suck. No I don't he smiled and laughed it off. Oh come on don't wear that shirt. Why not? It reminds me of Barbie. What? Wear this. Oh fine you're lucky I love you. You kinda have to. No I could totally hate you but still be with you. You're terrible. Imma call Louis. Don't he's busy with his baby. Awe I miss Freddie and Daniella. I wanna see Liam's baby. Remember the time difference. Ugh stop I just wanna see the kids face. At 4 in the morning. I'll call Zayn he just broke up with Gigi. Why? I don't know. But I miss Zayn. You don't think I know. What? That u both dated for years. No we didn't. Yes you did that's why he was a wreck when u ran out crying and didn't even talk to any of us. I cried because of my parents. They were fighting a lot. I thought it was my fault. That would never be your fault baby. I know but my dad.. What?? He.. I start crying.. He tried to kill himself then he yelled at me and said it was my fault that I let mom die that's when he kicked me out. I haven't heard from him in awhile. So he could be dead for all I know. Don't say that.

(Ring ring ring) Harry answers my phone.

Yes she is

Who is it?

Mrs. styles

Oh I'm not married but go on.

Your father

Is he alright?

He shot himself and left a letter for you.

I scream and cry into Harry's shirt then I see all the guys and Zayn they run to me

His fueneral will be in 4 days.

I hang up and throw my phone.

WHY?? IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN ME?? IT WAS MY FAULT I DIDNT PROTECT HER.!! THERE DAD IS THAT WHAT YOU WANTED TO HEAR?? I scream and cry I fall onto my knees and Harry gets down with me. Will u guys come with me to La? Sure. Anything for u. They pick me up and put me in a group hug. I kiss Harry's cheek. Thank you guys. I don't think I could live without you.i love you. Who doesn't? I wish I could hate you but I just don't know how.

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