The Library of Magic

When Alison May arrives in New York for a vacation with her family, she visits the Library of Magic, a place where the light forces battle the dark forces within the cavernous places inside the massive building.

The new fantasy novel by Robert Helliger.


2. Elves


Alison stared at the room. It was full of elves. A small girl elf blinked its green eyes at her. "Hello. I'm Francine. The Professor is waiting for me. Please take a seat".

"I'm  Alison. I didn't know anyone was expecting me. Mom thought...", she begun to say. Francine nodded. "The Library of Magic is ancient. It is full of books that a lot of elves, dwarfs, orcs, and trolls like to read. The Head Librarian, Mister Jones, is away on business. I'm taking care of the place when he's away". Alison nodded. "I didn't know about...". Francine laughed.

"It's a pleasure to see you Alison. Not many humans find the library on their first attempt. There's a lot to learn here; there's something that needs to be addressed".

"And that is...".

"Your role in the big picture here", Francine said.

Alison nodded, as she sat on one of the grey seats. "By coming here, Alison, you can have your own card to borrow books, and read them at any time. There's a lot of humans here among the non-humans. So, in short, I'm sure you'll be able to have the...", Francine begun to say before she saw a group of elves walking towards several green chairs. They had pointed ears like the elf had. One of them, a tall elf, stared at Alison. She blinked at him, as he spoke in a magical voice.

"I'm Deane Firestone".


"You're new here".

"Yes, I was with my mother. We just moved here". Deane grinned. "Humans are a strange people. Besides, not many of them have read 'Elves: A history​' by J. U. King, III". He smiled. Alison. "I don't believe I've met your friends", she said.

"That's Jim, Davies, and Lowe", Deane said.

"Please take a seat", Alison said.

And they nodded, as all of them started to read books in the library.


By ten o'clock AM, the library door opened. Two human girls were speaking in whispers. When they stopped speaking, they saw Alison.

"Hello, you must be new. I'm Jane Lang. This is my sister, Amie Lang".

"I'm Alison. Mom and I just arrived at the house. My father is away". Jane nodded.

"Our parents are in the Elf Court as advisors to King Markham, and Queen Markham. When news of your arrival reaches them, they'll be eager to see you", Amie said.

"I'd like to see them", Alison said.

Amie smiled, as she grabbed a book off the dusty shelf...and begun to read.


Alison finished reading the book. She put it back on the shelf. When she did so, she saw Deane smiling at her. "I am here for a month. My parents wanted me to be a writer. But that proved useless since I didn't have the imagination to write. I decided to think about the working in the library where the action is". Alison nodded. She gazed at the "A" section, and grabbed another book. "I'm on vacation for a month, so I can enjoy the library". Deane nodded, then he walked down the long, brightly lit hallway, and gripped a flaming torch. He let the light illuminate the library, as he headed towards The Silent Reader Section, and started reading.


Francine walked towards the glass window. She spotted a statue near the fireplace. Jane focused on the bookcase; Amie focused on the small statue of elves. "Has the statue been cleaned?", Francine asked them. "Yes", Jane answered her. She saw Alison look up from the book, then she frowned. Then she resumed reading, as if nothing had happened.


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