The Library of Magic

When Alison May arrives in New York for a vacation with her family, she visits the Library of Magic, a place where the light forces battle the dark forces within the cavernous places inside the massive building.

The new fantasy novel by Robert Helliger.


1. Alison May

T​he girl stared out of the grey van's windows. She watched her mother grin at her. "Do we have to go now, Mom?", Alison May asked.

"Yes, your father is on business in New York, and we're going to meet him since he's working at The Stone Lowe Library​...and he's eagerly awaiting us", Brenda May said. Alison knew what it meant to go to a new school every year; it meant finding friends fast, and leaving them alone to move on with their lives. Now, at age fourteen, Alison wanted to begin again.


Brenda headed down the road towards the library. A old man was holding a placard that read: "​EVIL LIVES HERE; ALL OF YOU MUST SEE THE LIGHT​". Alison shook her head. She knew that the Catholic Church were strong, but now the homeless was sending signals about an imagined war. She listened to Pearl Jam on the radio, as she pondered on her new life in the city that never sleeps.


The building was enormous. Alison stopped listening to the radio. She was sure the morning sun's rays was searing her hands because of the heatwave. Suddenly the van stopped near the library. Alison gasped for the tenth time; she knew that the library's power was dragging her into another world. "Let's go, Alison", Brenda told her teenage daughter.

"Okay, Mom", she said.


​The Stone Lowe Library​ had three guards. They waved at Brenda. "This is Alison. She'll be visiting the place for the week".

"Yes, Mrs. May. If she needs help, let us know", the first guard said. Alison smiled. "Where shall I put my stuff, Mom?", she asked her.

"Follow me", Brenda answered her.

And Alison nodded, as she grabbed her brown luggage in her right hand, and followed her through the glass doors, and into the building itself.


Alison saw the first floor of the library. She had short blonde hair, bright, blue eyes, and petite. She was wearing a black dress, black socks, and black shoes on her feet. "Your father is away on business", Brenda said. Alison nodded. Her father was always working. In her mind, he was always​ away...and that was the problem. Brenda opened the first door.

"You can go in there".

Alison nodded.

She placed her luggage down. Then she flicked on the light. Once she did that, she saw several beds in the middle of the spacious room. Red curtains were closed. A small table was to the left; a bookcase was to her right; the rest of the room was normal looking. Alison walked to the first bed. She placed it underneath it. When she was ready, Brenda smiled.

"Have a look around. If you need me, I'll be in the office on the second floor".

"Sure", Alison smiled.

And she waited for her mother to leave before she begun to explore the Library of Magic.


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