Fresh meat

Amanda was the new girl at school. She hadn't experienced everything a normal teenager had. She started off being pretty popular until she made the mistake of rejecting Courtney when she said no to being in her group of friends. What will happen to her? Read to find out.


1. New girl

August 15

I am the new girl at school and I already feel so lonely. Who knew what would happen this year. Sorry I forgot to introduce myself, I am Amanda James, the girl who has never gone to school before, well other than being homeschooled, I had never been around anyone other than my family I mean come on I'm 14 years old. My parents didn't think they could keep me hostage forever, did they? There are so many cute guys here at school and so many different people who some how manage to be friends despite their differences. This is going to be a great year, I hope.

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