The Star Of The Show

The story about me making my dreams come true and staring in my own show.As I begin my acting career adventure and drama comes in my way


1. The New Girl

-Ok! I think I'm done! Says me excited to move in my new house in Los Angeles

You know I'm the type of girl who is always happy for freaking no reason, binge watch TV shows like (13 reasons why,The Mindy Project and The Office). I like to describe myself as wierd.Not the bad wierd where you eat trash and put a pencil in you're ear no I'm the good wierd the person who's going to give you her lunch money for no reason so you can eat.Not only that I'm loyal and generous so I am a peace of honey.I also have a theory about being Liza Koshy's young lost sister.Yeah right I know who says that well I do. As a Canadian I'm most known for being nice but let me tell you somethin"NOT ALL CANADIAN ARE NICE OK!!!". Long story short one day I accidentally pushed an old man and he threw a can at me.The thing is I said sorry three times.

But let me get back to the real subject I am Cécile Kakudji and I just realized my dream of being an actrice and yall comin with me.

-HEY!! You're not allowed here it's a private house. Spoke the cute guy with the grey t-shirt that looked like mine I had on.

He scared me so much I started laughing so hard that I couldn't stop and I didn't know why. I couldn't belive that I was laughing for no reason on front of a cute guy. But I knew that at one point I had to stop laughing .

-So...Sorry...I just...I just don't know why I was I'm suppose to meet someone named Dave and come to think of it I guess it's you. I looked at him nervous and then I start laughing for no freaking reason...again

-Oh...yeah you're Cécile "The New Girl".

I stop laughing and I looked at him so mad I was able to see myself pushing him of a cliff. So now I was "The New Girl" seriously I don't like labels. I know...I know sometimes I label myself as a wierd humain being but it's a reflex ok! I was so mad I couldn't stop imagining 100's of ways of killing this cute, mean, jerk, really cute and annoying cute guy.

-Hello?...Hello?? to "The New Girl". How dare him snaping his fingers on my face like he was my boss. Has I usally do I freaked out and started being my "FELISHA" and you know you don't want to mess with a FELISHA. When I was done being my sassy ego he looked at me like I just destroyed is soul and I knew. I knew I got he's attention so I said.

-And you better not call me "The New Girl" again...ok!! I have a name and it's Cécile Kakudji... SO WHEN MOM GIVES YOU LEMON, BEYONCE MAKES LEMONADE!! I turned around and walked away like I was a QUEEN until...

-Really" When mom gives you lemon, Beyonce makes lemonade" what is wrong with me. Ok I need air. So I decided to leave and call my agent so she can show me around my new world for my new adventure. I was really looking for to meet my others roommates but I guess they weren't here. Maya (my agent) arrived and she said that she was taking me somewhere special but first she ask me if I was hungry and you know I said.

-Um...I don't know...OF COURSE I'M HUNGRY I'M STARVING PLEASE I NEED FOOD. You know being my annoying self she lauhgt at me saying that I was funny and it was the reason why she signed me. By suprised we end up in front of a IN AND FREAKING OUT so of course I started crying my way inside. I mean I'm Canadian do you know how much dreams and nigthmares I had about eating IN-AND-OUT burger or being stoled an IN-AND-OUT burger and waking up crying my eyes out. Yeah that's how much I love IN-AND-OUT.

-So what do you want? Says Maya entering the the amazing fast food restaurant.I ask for everything on the menu but I knew I wouldn't have the whole menu of course so I ask her to suprise me. I went seat at an empty booth waiting for my fabulous meal until I here a familliar voice behind me.

-Hey what do you think you're going to eat. Says the voice of a girl. Then another familliar voice replied.

-I think I'll get the number 3. What do you think you want? Says a guy with a voice really but really familliar. So I decide to turn around and you know who I see... Well you'll have to find out on the next chapter I guess.

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