The Star Of The Show

The story about me making my dreams come true and staring in my own show.As I begin my acting career adventure and drama comes in my way


2. The Casting

I just turned around to find Liza Koshy and David Dobrik. You know the best couple you would die to be one day and obvie I freaked out in my head duh! Don't want them to think I was crazy so I said nothing until Maya came with our orders and damn it looked good so I had to snapchat and take insta pictures for my friends and family to see. I forgot that my favorite couple was being me that I started talking really loudly thanking Maya for bringing me here. Didn't realise that everyone was looking at me I was just in my happy mood. Then I hear Liza's voice say.

- I think it's her first time here maybe we should welcome her to the beauty of this reataurant. So she pat my shoulder and said as I turned my head.

-Welcome to Wonderville hope you enjoy you're meal. My eyes were wide open and the only thing I could say was.

-Gracias. And I don't even know how to speak spanish yet I'm still learning. But the Liza starts talking Spanish too and says wierd spanish sentences like I don't know I'm not the language master so I really don't have a clue of what she is saying at all. Maya looks at me with a "What is happening " face and I'm like "I don't know" face.David with his vloging camera starts recording my "Freeze frame" face and starts zooming on me by getting closer to me.

-Can we eat with you?! Spoke Liza after a long forgein language conversation that I was not even participating but hey I mean I didn't had to my face said all I wanted to say. Liza and David look at me with a "Question mark" face so I start speaking my original language french and I say.

-Oui j'aimerais bien sa si vous voulez ont peut se partager mon souper vous en dites quoi??? They looked at me confused so I just say back in english.

- You know yes I would love if you join us for some IN-AND-OUT burgers. I wait for there repond and I see Liza make a little smile , David starts to laugh and we all start laughing for no reason and that's when they decided to get in our booth with me and Maya. So I guess we were all eating my fries and I mean they were so GOOD!!! I mean can you believey saliva dripping off my mouth. We talked and we talked about everything and we were making puns and joke about Jason being so old and all. People started taking pictures with Liza and David and I was kind of the new third wheel yeah that's me!! Back to the subject me and Liza had so much in common that we Exchange numbers and we made some snapchats for my story and her's and I had a great night.Maya was on her phone looking through emails and all that stuff until she interrupts a good and deep convo about nachos and boritos from Chipotle.

- OMG!!! Cécile I just got you an audition for a new show that I think you'll be perfect for!!! Screams Maya with an happy voice that I never heard before but seemed joyful and excited. My eyes were wide open I couldn't speak or blink at all. Liza tried to close my mouth but it keeps opening. I just had my first gig like I couldn't belive it that it's really happening to me. So get up on my seat and scream I'm going to realise my dream. I was shook, shookif, shooki. I was just shook until...

-The audition is in three days... Says Maya with a less exciting voice . She looked at me like I was going to cry or somethin but you know I didn't care, I was about to go on a show and realise my dream

transition to 12 A.M....

I get to my new home and see that the lights are closed so I guess I didn't respect the curfew. So I hurried to open the door as soundless as I could until...

-Bip Bip Bip Bip Bip!!!!!!

The security alarm went on. I woke up all my new roommates and the guy Dave looked at me like he was going to kill me. He started walking troward to me and stop right two feet from me. He starts screaming at me all those mean things saying that I waked them up when they have jobs to attend early in the morning and that because of me one of the roommates broke his ankle because lefted my unpacked box and luggages everywhere and he tripped on it. I was petrified I couldn't speak or move I couldn't hear properly ,it was like a ring in my ears and all I could see was some people who were mad and tierd. Guesss I won't be "The New Girl" after all. Maybe they will find a new name for me but the only thing I was really focusing on was all the mean things Dave was saying to me. I couldn't handle all of those rube comments so I started crying and I ran off to my new room where my bed was not assembled and all I had out of my boxes was my big blanket and my neck pillow.

So I kind of slept on the floor with tears in my eyes until I passed out from crying too much.Yep that's me the sensible girl that can't hold her emotions and accept that she screwed up everything in one day. Wow I'm so proud of you Cécile for embarrassing yourself infront of all your new home partners. This night I had a nightmare and it wasn't a average one more like a scary life or death thing. I was going to be hanted by everyone.

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