The Lab Partner

She's your typical nerd, he's your typical jock. She's supposed to fall in love with him or vise versa but they hate each other. When they're partnered up for their science final will things turn south and they fail or will they find love?


2. Two

October used to be made fun of for being black. After sophomore year- no one messed with her. Her frizzy copper hair made her unique. She was fierce and embraced it to the fullest. She was born in Africa but moved here when she was 7. Her eyes were a strange gold color with greenish flecks, they were beautiful. She was the tallest of the four of us. 

Ada was Chinese-American, she was born in China and moved here when she was 8. Her beautiful, long black hair flowed like a river like the color of her eyes- a deep blue with a pale blue ring around the middle and silver flecks. Her skin was pale but she loved herself for it. She was the shortest of the four of us.

Jessie's hair was a deep auburn red and her eyes were dark brown. Her skin was always like a perfect California tan. She was born in the local Ebony hospital and had never moved. She was the second tallest. 

I, Echo, had dark brown that I had dyed black just so it wasn't a strange color. My eyes, an icy shade of blue. I was fairly average looking. I was the second shortest.


That night at Jason's- it was a night that I'd never forget. 

I got there around 7 after he got home from soccer and showered. We had started working on the presentation and stood up to show him something on the poster board. He stood up too, I assume he was going to point something out, but he didn't. The poster was leaning against a wall. He shoved me against the wall and tried to kiss me. 

"What are you running from, Echo? I'm right here for you," he said. 

After a long night of being sexually harassed and raped I ran. I ran home, leaving my car and everything. I grabbed my purse and sprinted for the door. He lived three miles away from me and I ran the whole way, crying for most of it.


"What?!?!? Imma kill him!" October cried when I told them the next day. 

I had been up all night crying and now was telling them.

"Yeah. He's so dead," Jessie agreed. Ada nodded.

"No. You can't tell anyone."

So I lived with this secret for the rest of my life.


A/N Hey guys! I am so sorry about this chapter- it's a bit dark but I mean, character development and storyline! Sorry. Comment if you have any ideas or tell what you think! Thanks y'all!!

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