The Lab Partner

She's your typical nerd, he's your typical jock. She's supposed to fall in love with him or vise versa but they hate each other. When they're partnered up for their science final will things turn south and they fail or will they find love?


1. One

I walked down the pristine white halls of Ebony High School, trying to find my locker after a two weeks of winter break. 

"Hey! Echo!" A voice called down the hallway. I looked to see my three best friends running toward me.

"Jessie! Ada! October!" I said, being engulfed in a hug. 

"Ugh, look who it is," October nodded her head down the hallway to who was coming. The jock, Jason, and his minions, no one really knew their names. 

"Hey girls," Jason said. We all rolled our eyes at him. 

"What do you want?" Jessie asked. 

"To go to prom with October," he replied, "Will you go to prom with me, October?"

"No." And that was that. She walked off with that brisk October-y confidence of hers. 


"You heard her, scram!" I snapped.

"I don't take orders from you, Miss Echo James," he sneered before running off.

"Whatever," I muttered. 

"You have to admit, he's kinda cute," Ada said quietly.

"Yes but he's an annoying little prick," Jessie retorted.

Ada Elise Moon: the quiet, nice, mom friendish person of our group, she's very artsy. Jessica Rae "Jessie" Fischer: the confident, carefully planned, leader and loves science; October Rose Smith: 2nd in command, confident and not afraid to take risks, she is the most math-y person I know. Echo Olivia James: the one who kinda does her own thing and tries to fit in but doesn't but her friends love her anyway, I try to be good at music.


Senior year: Biology&Anatomy class: Final: Day of getting lab partners assigned: 

Ada and I had B&A together and were hoping that we'd be assigned to go the final together. Dissection of a sheep brain. They went in alphabetical order by last name starting with the girls for some reason (it's best not to ask, Mr. Willis had his own reasoning for everything.) 

"Alyssa Jensen, Thomas Cruz- lateral ventricle. Echo James-" he paused. Ada and I silently squeezed each others hands. "aaaand, Jason Michaels- arbor vitae." I sighed and went over to Jason. 

"I'm just as unhappy about his as you are," he hissed. 

Long story short: Jason and I used to be best friends way back 10+ years ago in elementary school and then he did some stuff and now we hate each other because he says I "over reacted."

"Come on, I'll get the brain if you find us a table to work at."

"Yes dear," he said in a mocking way.

I rolled my eyes and grabbed a brain from the far table.


We had to meet out of class to put together the presentation on the arbor vitae. Ugh. Spending unnecessary time with Jason.

"So- I have a little sister and brother who are 14 and 16. So unless you want to people constantly fighting and being dramatic while we work on our project, we can't do it at my place," I explained.

"Okay, my sister is in college until the end of the month so we can do it at my house," Jason said, shrugging. "Will tonight work?"


He handed me his address and his number and walked off after class.

Little did I know that that night would cause me to have nightmares for the next few months.

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