You Can Thank Me Later

Eun - Hui (uwn - hee) is a 24-year-old Korean American living in Seoul, South Korea decides to go drinking on a Tuesday night at a street bar. She runs into Park Jimin, a man on a 3-week vacation before he has to start his busy schedule as a member of a famous Kpop boyband known as BTS. Eu-Hui continues to meet Jimin thinking that it's a coincidence, as for Jimin he thinks it's just fate.

Can a man as great as Park Jimin finally fall in love or will he act like nothing happened once the 3 weeks are up?


3. K-Pop Idol

Eun-Hui P.O.V.

When I woke up the sun was shining brightly on my face, not only that, I had a massive headache. I got up from my queen-sized bed, almost tripping over the box full of my stuff my ex-boyfriend, Bill Lee gave back to me that lays near the bedside, while I was walking towards the bathroom.

I noticed a yellow sticky note, with unfamiliar handwriting. "Who wrote this?" As I read the note which said: I had a hard time last night because of you, Noona. Hope you have a great day.

I was confused and shock for a few seconds, then all the memories from yesterday started coming back to me. "Fuck." 

Eun-Hui P.O.V

As I get ready to leave for work as a romance novelist, I sit down to turn the tv on since I have a few minutes before I have to leave. The current channel the TV's on is about nature, but a few seconds it started to get boring, so I kept skipping channels until I came upon the BBMA's. When I say I was shocked...I was more surprised then when Harley Quinn was saved by Joker.

"The winner of The Top Social Artist is.......BTS!"

BTS-Blood, Sweat, and Tears starts playing

As I continued to watch I noticed a bunch of hot guys walking to receive their billboard music award. Then I saw Park Jimin. By my surprise, he was wearing a choker around his neck, a black nice dressed outfit, sexy brownish hair, and a face that make girls go crazy. Speechless. But am I imagining things or is that really him. The guy I met last night that saved me from those guys, brought me home, and who I humiliated myself in front of. Is that really Park Ji Min?😮

Note from Author: BBMA on YouTube.

Thanks for the people who have been reading this Fanfic. Really appropriate it, the higher the reads go up the more happy I get.

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