You Can Thank Me Later

Eun - Hui (uwn - hee) is a 24-year-old Korean American living in Seoul, South Korea decides to go drinking on a Tuesday night at a street bar. She runs into Park Jimin, a man on a 3-week vacation before he has to start his busy schedule as a member of a famous Kpop boyband known as BTS. Eu-Hui continues to meet Jimin thinking that it's a coincidence, as for Jimin he thinks it's just fate.

Can a man as great as Park Jimin finally fall in love or will he act like nothing happened once the 3 weeks are up?


2. Kisses

Jimin P.O.V

Every time I pushed away from the kiss she always seemed to find her way back to my lips.

"Ya, what's wrong Noona. Let go!" At first, I was being calm, but after awhile I started to get annoyed at a strange drunk woman kissing me. Even if she's pretty.

"Why..are..y-you so fuck-ing seeeexxxy. I should set you up with my best friend in America," she says slurring her words as she spoke in English.

"I didn't realize that I'm that attractive," I say jokingly still struggling to break free from Noona. "Why are you so strong," I say a bit irritated.

"You're a fucking liar, you attractive man. Don't lie to me. You're more beautiful than I am and I'm not that strong, your too weak. I'm taking you to jail, you're too handsome," she said trying to pull me upstairs.

"Weak," I say to her angrily.

Eun-Hui P.O.V

I struggled to pull him into my room. It's definitely a crime being this hot.

"Noona, let go... Noona!" He yells forcibly pulling my hands away from my grip. He pushes me against the wall.

"Are we playing cop now," I say to him, then trying to undo my red blouse."

"Hey, stop!" He yells.

Jimin P.O.V

Why is she undoing her shirt? "Hey, stop,"I yell to her. I don't want her regretting what she's doing now once she's sober. I pulled her hand away from her red shirt. She kicks me. I suddenly find myself on the soft carpet floor and her on top of me. Messy long brunette hair and tears slowly falling down her pale skin.

"I'm, Sorry," she says in English, looking at me, then falling asleep quickly on my chest.

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