You Can Thank Me Later

Eun - Hui (uwn - hee) is a 24-year-old Korean American living in Seoul, South Korea decides to go drinking on a Tuesday night at a street bar. She runs into Park Jimin, a man on a 3-week vacation before he has to start his busy schedule as a member of a famous Kpop boyband known as BTS. Eu-Hui continues to meet Jimin thinking that it's a coincidence, as for Jimin he thinks it's just fate.

Can a man as great as Park Jimin finally fall in love or will he act like nothing happened once the 3 weeks are up?


4. Hi. I'm Park Ji Min

Jimin P.O.V

"Hyung, why did you come back so late. Everyone was worried something happened to you, especially Jin hyung," Jungkook says as he walks toward the sleeping Hoseok who's a few centimeters away from falling off the bed.

"I was helping a Noona get home," I say while opening the fridge to get a cold water bottle. "Home? By the time I heard you come in it was already past 1 o'clock. I wonder what you were doing," Jungkook says teasing me. I run to Jungkook who is back on the bed, I sit down next to him, playfully tackling him for teasing me. Making so much noise that I end up waking up Yoongi from the other room.

"Shut the hell up it's too early for all this noisy. Go to sleep or leave unless you want to die," Yoongi yells from the room next door.

"Sorry hyung," Jungkook and I say at the same time.

Jin who is now up is walking towards the kitchen.

"I'll be back when vacation is over in 3 weeks," I say to all my friends once the cab is here. "You're going back to Busan, right," Jin says just to confirm for my safety. "Yes, Mom," I tell Jin laughing not being able to keep it in.

"Ok.Ok. Cut," Hoseok yells, cutting the camera off. "Jimin, you were smiling the whole time. This was supposed to be a sad goodbye, not you being slow," Yoongi says laughing, making everyone else laugh.

"At least I didn't forget my lines hyung," I say to Yoongi. Yoongi who's a few inches away from me walks over and starts playing with my hair.

"Why are we doing this anyway. Don't we have anything better to do than staying home during our 3-week vacation," Namjoon says putting his arm around Jin who's being poked by Taehyung and Jungkook who are still in their white robes?

Eun-Hui P.O.V

During my drive to work at 'Love is the Key' writing company I took the elevator to the 3rd floor to the room with all my employees. "Eun-Hui, I have some good news and bad news. Which do you want to know first?" Ajumma says as she slides towards me while still in her rolling chair.

"Bad" I tell her."You can throw away the draft you spent weeks on, you won't need it anymore."
"What??!!" I say surprised almost falling out my chair.

"The good news is... you'll get to write a romantic book on Park Ji Min as the male lead and it'll be made into a movie with your approval," Ajumma says spinning my chair around like a child like we weren't at work right now.

All of a sudden, I noticed someone very familiar walk into the room.

Jimin P.O.V

"What about being in a romantic novel, Jimin. You're perfect for it." PD-Nim says showing up with papers in his hand. I know this is a vacation, but how about you star in a romantic book, which will be made into a movie. It'll be great for you, BTS, and especially ARMY."

"Sure, but how long would this take, sir," I say excitedly. "A week at the most. The rest of the days you could do anything you want with your free time," PD-Nim says. I nod to agree.

I walked out the elevator alongside PD-Nim and my manager guiding me. While I was walking I realized I didn't ask what my friends would be doing while I was doing this for a week. 
As I walked inside I observed my surroundings, then notice the woman from last night. Her staring at me with a surprised look on her face.

"Hi. I'm Park Ji Min."

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