You Can Thank Me Later

Eun - Hui (uwn - hee) is a 24-year-old Korean American living in Seoul, South Korea decides to go drinking on a Tuesday night at a street bar. She runs into Park Jimin, a man on a 3-week vacation before he has to start his busy schedule as a member of a famous Kpop boyband known as BTS. Eu-Hui continues to meet Jimin thinking that it's a coincidence, as for Jimin he thinks it's just fate.

Can a man as great as Park Jimin finally fall in love or will he act like nothing happened once the 3 weeks are up?


1. Any Good Person Would've Done the Same Thing

Eui-Hui P.O.V

"I still can't believe that asshole dared to come to "my house" begging "me " to break up with him. He's such a dick. I already knew he was cheating, I was too slow to make my move and cut him out my life," I yell angrily to myself. Taking my last glass of soju(alcohol) I struggle to stand up. Almost forgetting to grab my blue mini purse my mother had given me, I wrap it around my waste almost falling down as I start to walk home. 

"Hyung, look at that pretty lady. You think she'll go out with me." I start walking faster once I hear what the guy walking near me start to walk closer. 

"Noona, do you..." the young boy starts to say.

I cut him off. "Little boy..." I start to say in English than a raspy voice cuts me off.

"Honey, why weren't you at home? I even had a gift ready once you got back. "Who the h..." I turned around to see who was talking and that's when it instantly felt like I was in a whole new world. The sexiest man I've seen since I stepped foot in Korea. I froze for a long time, all I can think of is this man. I hope it's not the soju that's making me aroused like this.

"She's married, lets go." The next moment the two high school looking boys start walking past me. That's when I got out of my little world. 

"I apologize for the inappropriate acting I just did. It was the only thing I thought of at that moment," He says showering me with his attractive smile. "It's fine. I just fell a bit bad, knowing that you might've gotten hurt because of me. Thank you..." I paused, not knowing what to call my savior. "Park Jimin," he says walking a little bit closer. I know this isn't my business, but...are you perhaps drunk right now. "Of Course not. I'm a healthy sober 24-year-old woman." 

"Isn't that what all drunks say. Now that I know your age, I can call you Noona, but you might not remember out meeting anyway," he says. Just when I was about to fall down, Jimin caught me with one are. "Be careful, Noona. Do you have anyone to pick you up?"

"Why are you being so nice to me? You don't even know me."

"Any good person would've done the same thing. I'm just one of those people.

"Wow. Not even my ex-boyfriend said such cheesy, yet hot words like you just did." I smile looking at him. "Is that a compliment I hear," he says showing that killer smile of his.
As soon as I got to my door I thanked Jimin, but he said I didn't have to. I opened my door, took one step inside and everything went dark.

Jimin P.O.V

This Noona is full of surprises. Should I bring her to her room? Without a second thought I squat down to pick Noona up and to the couch.

The inside of the house reminds me of when Tae-hyung and everyone started out in BigHit.

As I stand up straight from laying Noona on the cute colorful couch I notice a leaf in her hair. I bend down to take it out her hair. She's really pretty and a fun woman. Now that I think about it I told her my name, but she didn't tell me hers.

As I stare into her eyes, her hair, then the rest of her body. I stop myself because I felt like I might do something I'd regret. About to stand up, she opens her eyes, wrapping her arms around me, forcefully kissing me on the lips.

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