Diverse Academy

Lilith Hart is a girl that likes girls. She don't care what you think. And after getting into Diverse Academy for Girls she is over joyed. This is no ordinary school. Its for girls who are different with their sexuality and have their rival school called Diverse Academy for Boys. Lets just say there was an accident between them. Any who. This school is technology controlled and has magic for the students. You either study in written magic,fighting magic or maker magic. It depends on the bloodline of the girl and how they got in. In other words Lilith should expect romance and hard-ship


1. First love.

Lilith's POV

Have you only ever loved once and decided to ask them out. Yeah I did. I know weird right. But being me I don't know who is straight and who is not. I fear that someone will find out like today and tell everyone in a heart beat. Now my whole family knows and looks at me in disgust. They wear the same mask that I can not bear to see. Everyday it never changes. If I put a toe out of line and start to act like a lesbian around them,looking at girls who I like when we get home they would torture me. It was the same cycle all week. Till I snapped. I retaliated packed my shit and left. Not a care in the world. Living on the street was hard. But lets not talk in the past tense its best if this happens like it is in the present.

Now where to begin...


"Eliza I have something to confess. I love you. I love you with all of my heart and I will protect you thorough everything. Please accept me as your girlfriend." I say pouring my heart and soul into my words. Smiling at her I wait for her response to my plea. I have had a crush on her since Year 7.  My love for her getting stronger.  I fall for her each day, each hour. I  have the courage to tell her now and I'm not regret it yet and hope that she will be mine. But I  have this feeling it won't workout that something will go wrong. Sure enough I'm rejected. Like always. But this time it's worse.

"Me go out with you. Do I look like I'm lesbian. If you think  I am then go Specsavers. I have a boyfriend, hun. Get yourself one." Then she pours her Starbucks on my hair and takes a pic. Then my phone goes off. As I draw it from my back pocket I dread to even think about what that picture  looks like and sure enough is me with Starbucks dripping down my  face and hair. People in the street who I know look and laugh pointing like maniacs. The comments coming in at the dozen and the caption in bold staring at me.

'This THING tried to get ME as her girlfriend'

Tears start to build up in my throat and before I let them spill over the brim I run. As fast as my legs can go. I go to the pub that give  me free drinks since I helped them with a debt even though I'm under aged. I drink and drink not a care in the world belting 'Ninety-nine beer bottles on the wall' with the others. Smiling. As I walk home this woman beckons me over and in my wasted state I walk over.

"Here. Take this. We will be waiting" She says and hurries off. I shrug and carry on walking. As soon as I open the door I' m punched in the face. Several times.


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