Cold city

In which Bangtan is a smart group of criminals who work their way along the bad path of life.


1. 1~ Cold blood and guns

warning: mentions of blood, death, guns, drugs, alcohol and bxb material.

Jimin POV

The cold night air nipped at the skin of my neck as I traced my eyes over the work I had just created.

A middle-aged man laid dead on the floor, his blood slowly forming a puddle around him. Bruises littered his face and upper body, his arm twisted in an unnatural way. His lip was busted, little droplets of blood slowly dripping from his lip to his chin. His eyes were dull, staring up into the sky. A bulletwound finished everything off, perfect and round in the middle of the guy's forehead.

I scoffed softly and gripped the cold gun tighter in my hand, lifting up the hem of my shirt and pushing the gun back in it's holster around my waist. I turned on my heels and swiftly made my way out of the alleyway. I glanced around, taking note of how the streets were calm and empty. Good. I took my phone and dialed Namjoon, friend and leader of our little gang of criminals.

"Job done, Jimin?" His low voice came from the speaker.

"Yeah. Guy's dead. Got the money." I replied, walking down the sidewalk as I glanced around from time to time. Can't be too reckless.

"Nice. Jungkook is on his way to get you, Yoongi got your location and send that to him. He should be with you in a matter of minutes." Namjoon hummed on the other side.

"Got it. I'll see you then." I replied, ending the call.

I decided to walk to the corner of the street, waiting there. I shoved my hands in the pockets of my dark jeans, waiting for Jungkook to arrive. It didn't take long for a sleek black Lambourghini to arrive, stopping in front of me. Jungkook rolled down the window, smirking at me. "C'mon." He spoke. I let out a tsk and opened the door, plopping into the front seat. Once the door slammed shut, the younger boy kicked on the gas pedal and sped out of the streets.

"Alcohol is waiting back at our place. Hobi-hyung managed to get a hold of some more drugs so our stack is good again." The young street racer hummed, turning the car around a corner. "That's good. Could use some of that right now anyway." I sighed, leaning back against the seat and fumbling with the money in the pocket of my leather jacket.

Jungkook drove the car to the back of the abandoned building that we call our place, parking it and stepping out. I followed right after, shutting the door and walking up to the backdoor. I knocked on the door with a well known pattern under us, Jin opening the door once done.

"Heard it went well." He spoke.

I nodded and threw the money down on the kitchen counter. "Yepp. He won't be bothering us anymore and gave us a good amount of cash." I smirked, winking before making my way towards the living room. The conversation between Jin and Jungkook faded as I made my way over to Yoongi on the couch.

I dropped down beside him, leaning my head on his shoulder as his fingertips flew over the laptop's keyboard on his lap. "Hacking again?" I asked, going lax against his side. "Yeah. I'll be done soon." He replied in a low tone, making me nod against his shoulder. Staying true to his word, he finished up about 2 minutes later, setting the laptop aside ant turning his attention to me. "Heard from Namjoon that the guy's dead now. You hurt anywhere?" He questioned, pulling me into his lap.

I shrugged and shook my head, placing my hands on his shoulders. "No. Not really. The guy didn't really know how to kick or anything. He on the other hand, is pretty fucked up." I grinned. Yoongi smirked at me and ruffled my hair slightly. "Good job babe." He spoke. I winked at him and pressed my lips to his for a second, really looking forward to go further with him as his tongue swept over my bottom lip a couple seconds later. Sadly, it had to be interrupted by Hoseok.

"The task went well! Time to celebrate with our favorite stuff!" He cheered, throwing his hands in the air.

And who were we to say no to that.



First chaptered story on here aye. Hope it wasn't too bad for the first chapter. This will be all BxB btw so...if you ain't comfortable with that then I don't think this is the right book for you to read :)

On the other hand, stay tuned for more chapters :)









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