Perfect Broken Paradise


Kat-bored, alone, misunderstood and wild, the sound of an European road trip with her family seems like hell. All she wants is her own space, somewhere to make her own decisions and find herself again. And she wants to find love, someone to make her life less...lonely.
Kyle-a mysterious, super-hot runaway who made the Exclusion Zone in Chernobyl his home...and may be exactly what Kat is looking for.
When their paths meet, what would have been a summer from hell turns into what may be Kat's best summer ever...


2. Chapter 1

I look at my parents in disbelief.

"WE'RE DOING WHAT?!" I screamed hysterically. Even my older sister looks shocked.

"I, like, so cannot leave right now. Me and Nathan haven't sorted everything out yet! I can't just leave America yet! And this sounds, like, super-boring anyway!" She whines. Mom sighs irritably and Dad looks tired.

"Look, girls, I don't care about your whining. The road trip is going to happen NO. MATTER. WHAT. It's all booked and pre-planned. We're going to go to Italy, Spain, Norway, Britain..." I zone out as they start rattling off the places we're going to go. It sounds mega-boring, especially as my parents are in to the whole museum/sightseeing thing.

"...Chernobyl tour-"

"WHAT!?" I scream as the name snaps me back into focus. "ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL US?!" My sister just looks confused. I push my chair back and stand up. I don't want to hear any more of my parent's crazy plans.

"Kat. Sit down, I haven't finished." Mom tells me, looking at me sternly. I storm out of the room, but not before I hear my sister.

"Does this place have good Wi-Fi? And a really nice hotel?"

Sometimes I worry about that girl. She's so stupid she could get into the Guinness Book of World Records.

I smile as my phone pings to indicate that I have a new message. I flop onto my bed and open up Snapchat. At least my best friend, Emily, will understand.

HAPPY SUMMER KAT!!!!!!!!!!! Any plans?xx XD

I quickly tap out a reply.

Yes. My parents are trying to KILL me. With radiation. :( HELP ME PLZ.

WHAT?! Explain all, KitKat!!!

Only my parents would book the Chernobyl tour as part of an European road trip. I really don't get my family sometimes...

OK....that sounds dangerous. I'm coming over RIGHT. NOW. I wouldn't be surprized if you need therapy after this summer!!!!!!xxxx

IKR!!!! See ya!xxx

I check my other notifications and update Snapchat, Instagram and this random game I play, then check my favourite band's Twitter while I wait. Five minutes later, I hear the door and Mom reluctantly lets her in. A few seconds later she bursts in.

"Hey!" I say.

"OMG your parents are crazy!!!!" Emily mock-whispers, and I laugh. We sit and talk, and it ends up being a sleepover. We have a lot of sleepovers in the run-up to me going away for the summer.


I wake up really early. We leave today. The tour is the first thing we are doing, and I'm dreading it. My stuff's already packed. I just need to get dressed and leave. I can hear Kayla moaning about her missing mascara or eyeliner or something, then she finds it. I drag myself out of bed and manage to get in the bathroom before my sister. At least I won't have to wait for two hours. I brush my teeth and fix my own makeup (although I don't plaster it on like Kayla does.) I brush my brown-blonde hair and pull it up into a messy bun. I then go into my bedroom and dress in the shorts and vest I left out. It's like, six a.m., but it's already boiling, at least forty degrees. I pull on a pair of white Converse sneakers and take my suitcases downstairs. My parents have already got their luggage in the living room. Dad is making breakfast and Mom keeps checking the time.

"Is Kayla ready?" She asks me.

"Who knows? We could be waiting for hours. She absolutely has to leave the house looking Instagram-perfect," I sigh. I don't care about looking Instagram-perfect-I'm more of a Polaroid person. As if reading my thoughts, Mom asks about my instant camera.

"Did you put your Polaroid in? Do you have enough film? Oh, here's some more anyway," Mom fusses, handing me a massive pack of film. I shove it in my rucksack with my camera. I'm never low on film, and this pack will probably last months.

After what seems like an age, we make it to the airport. Kayla didn't take too long for once, so Mom didn't fuss so much. At the airport, I take a quick selfie to put on my Snapchat story.

Holiday. if I die then you know who to blameXD

I can't resist adding the last bit. I see Kayla pouting at me and sighing.

"How do you always look so selfie-ready? You don't even try." she sighs, seeming fed up. I don't know what to say so I ignore her.


After what seems like the longest and most uneventful three weeks ever, we arrive at our hotel in Ukraine. I have all the Polaroids and souvenirs from Italy, Spain, Norway, etc. And the perfect tan. I just wish I didn't feel so bored and ignored. Everything I've wanted to do has been side-lined.   

"Is this that Cherry-Cheronbyl place?" Kayla asks, and I sigh and roll my eyes.

"No, Kayla. This is Kiev." I say huffily. She's so stupid it's actually painful sometimes.

We check into the hotel and I have to say I am actually pretty impressed. It's all marble floors and golden chandeliers. The rooms are better still, with massive beds and balconies and massive TVs. The sun is just setting over the skyline and it actually looks wonderful. I plonk down my stuff and pull out my Polaroid camera then walk out onto the balcony to take a picture. It comes out looking perfect. I'm bored out of my mind, but at least I'll have the perfect Tumblr-style summer scrapbook when I finally get home...or if.

I sigh as I look back into the room. I have to share with Kayla, just like I had to everywhere else. At least I'm used to it.

Instead of talking to her, I sit on the balcony and watch the sun go down. 


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