The Ritual

This is the story of a girl. A girl that must fight for her life to survive a bloody ritual. But can she? Can she stop the blood shed? Or will the price be too high.

(Well very dramatic description, i honestly had no idea what to write xD..)
What I've posted for the ritual is only a part of first chapter. Not done nor fully edited. Just wanted to give you a taste!!!


1. January

I walked down the slippery street, with a heavy basket on my arm. It was filled with vegetables and bread. It was all for the kids in the orphanage, the winter was a hard time there. I always tried helping my best, since i was older than most of the kids. 16 winters. Thats how many I've made it through. Few of my childhood friends are still with me. I've stood by many graves, alone, with wet cheeks, hopeless. But I was stronger than them. Unfortunately.

"Ms. Sofie! It's me," I knocked on the locked door, while reading the sign: "Ms. Sofie's Orphan Home". I heard the door unlock, and a slim face looked out at me. She looked at the basket in my hand, then at my face. "Oh, I see. Come on in then," she nodded and opened the door fully for me to enter. I knocked my boots against the ground before I stepped inside. I swiftly turned around and locked the door right after entering. Ms. Sofie has this thing with locks. Everything has to be locked. It's not because we have much of value, she just insists. And I do as I'm told.

I walked down the long hallway, brushing past a few tables, but nothing else. Ms. Sofie was in the kitchen, waiting for me and my basket. I put it on the large, cold kitchen table. I didn't really want to stay in the kitchen, there was this depressing atmosphere over it. "I'll be going again now, please Ms. Sofie," I said pleadingly. She narrowed her eyes in on me. "Fine, but tell Agnes to help in the kitchen, " She grunted. I nodded and hurried out of the kitchen, back through the hallway dodging a few tables.

At the first door I shouted "Agnes, Sofie wants you in the kitchen, " and hurried on. I bumped into the massive oak door with the many locks, and unlocked them all. Then i jumped out into the cold afternoon air, just as snowflakes started whirling from the sky. I really needed a walk. I began my journey down the slippery, white road, looking at all the houses being covered in beautiful snow.Until i reached the lamppost.

Then i stopped.

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