Ink Splotches

Ink spills


1. 1

I looked up to see our tortoiseshell cat, Lina, playing with a few of my calligraphy pens. I preferred using real ink from a bottle than ink found in pens, it was more real to me and looked more black. Lina knocked over the bottle of ink I was using and it went everywhere.

"Lina!" I cried, jumping up and scaring her off.

"What happened, Clover?" One of my roommates, Bella, asked.

"Ugh- Lina knocked over the ink." I picked up the blackened paper, the ink seeped through to the table. 

Maya and Tai rushed in and saw the mess.

"Good luck explaining that to Mrs. Brookfield," Maya laughed.

"Maya! Be nice!" Tai gently smacked her in a playful way.

"Sorry, if Mrs. Brookfield finds out- we're all screwed and don't have a place to stay in the summer," Maya commented, realizing the gravity of the situation.

"I'm home girls!" A chirpy voice said, coming through the front door. 

We all looked at each other. 

"Mrs. Brookfield! I have to tell you something," I said, walking down the stairs to the front door from my room upstairs. 

"Yes, darling?"
"I- well, Lina, spilled a bottle of ink on the cedar desk in my room."

"Oh, it's fine dear. I've been meaning to get rid of it anyway."

The house was fairly new and right on the beach. The windows brought in a lot of light and the light blues and beiges of the walls reflected the light too. Cedar wood was common in the house, the floors and ceilings which were open to the rafters. It was truly a beautiful summer home. 

"Hey, Clo, you might want to keep Lina from licking up the ink," Bella said, seeing the damage that was done to the desk.

I rushed up the stairs, two at a time. That ink was poisonous. Bella didn't deal with cats so having Lina was a stretch for her but she came to terms with living with a cat instead of a dog. 


The four of us had been friends since the beginning of college, we were going into our sophomore year. None of us were majoring in the same thing but we had managed to share a suite without killing each other. We all had our ups and downs but were still best friends. 

"Bella, Tai and Clover; what if we took a roadtrip this summer? We've been planning it forever and it would be a perfect time to do it. 19 and carefree, it's a perfect summer," Maya suggested.

So- we began to pack. And that's when Lina started constantly throwing up.

Tai and I took her to the vet and she was put down. We couldn't stop crying so Bella and Maya had to come pick us up. Lina had been my cat since elementary school and was part of our family. To see her go was to have part of me ripped out.

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