Rainbow Factory Dash and the New Member

Rainbow Dash meets this new member of the creepypasta mansion and finds herself interested in him


2. Rainbow Dash"s story

      Ben looked at the new guy. "You'd like to know her story wouldn't you?" Jason nodded slowly. "Well Rainbow Dash was born in Clouds Dale in the pony world. At the exam to see if you would make it to be a worker at Clouds Dale when she made the sonic rainboom the judges decided she would make a good member of the real rainbow factory. She was welcomed with open arms and was instantly made manager. She went over everyone's job and how the Pegasus Device worked. At first she thought it was just a good job. She soon realized that rainbows were made of ponies. At first she was terrified but then her sanity was completely gone and she's the only one allowed to leave the rainbow factory. Everyone else is to remain at the factory forever. She created a clone of herself to live in Ponyvile in order to make every pony think she just pasted the exam and the clone is a happy little pony like the rest of the ponies that don't get into the rainbow factory. Slenderman came for her after a few weeks of her working at the factory and took her to the mortal world. The only thing that makes her look like her other form is her hair and her wings. When she goes to Clouds Dale she turns back into a Pegasus to go to her day job.


    "Wow she sure is amazing." Ben nodded. "She uses her store as a way to create misery and chaos. She's so used to being the one who does the work and sees how the people eventually regret ever coming to her store. Yet lots of people don't see the truth behind it all. Just like in rainbow factory, the unlucky ponies who are selected to have their bodies turn into rainbows are the work to make the rainbows. Every pony else merely sees a rainbow not the truth behind what makes a rainbow." "Guess people just see what they want to see instead of thinking of how the potions or rainbows are truely created." "That's exactly how she is. She loves the screams, the torture, the sound of crushing bones in the factory. She takes the unicorn horns and some of the hair to create her potions." "Then how come she's able to go to hell?" "If it's easy to go from mortal world to pony world then going to hell is no problem for her." "How does the Pegasus Device work?" "It crushes the pony's legs then the workers put the pony on a conveyor belt as they roll onto the heavy metal block that smashes them into pieces which creates the rainbows. The workers have to make sure the belt doesn't get too dirty from bones and blood in order to have it to have it working properly at all times." "Wow that sure is handy." "Indeed."


   "Rainbow Dash is the kind of girl that is all work and not really very social or carefree. After her job at the factory she comes here to work on her orders for her store. Even though she gets very little sleep to her its a full 8 hours of sleep. She likes to work as much as possible. With a factory and store doing so well she feels completely happy about it. As for me I'm a gamer born and raised.Everyone else likes to relax and have some fun but not her. She thinks such thinks just get in the way of working and such things don't accomplish anything. Wouldn't kill her to relax once in awhile but she won't have it." "Seems likes she's a bit too diligent." "Yup, but you can't change who she is." 


In the Rainbow Factory where fears and horrors come true

In the Rainbow Factory where not a single soul gets through

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