Rainbow Factory Dash and the New Member

Rainbow Dash meets this new member of the creepypasta mansion and finds herself interested in him


1. New Member and The Lab

In Slenderman's mansion there was talk of a new member coming to the mansion. All that was known about the member was that he loved to set things on fire. No One knew what his personality was but they were sure to find out.

     Jason the carpenter showed up at the mansion wearing a black hoodie with blue jeans, His face was a void and had blue candles for eyes. Jeff the Killer came out to greet the new member by trying to stab him however the knife simply went straight through Jason. "What the?" "Who are you?" "why I'm Jason the Carpenter. Are you the one to show me to my room?" Jeff growled, "No that's Rainbow Dash's job." "Ah I see and where is she?" "She's at the factory but will be here soon enough. Just don't set anything on fire." Jason merely smirked. "I'll try not to"


    Rainbow Dash was in Clouds Dale in the pony world in the Rainbow Factory. She was managing all the workers who were busy at work making rainbows from the Pegasus Device. She was over working herself again like how she was everyday. After a few hours her shift ended and she headed back to the human world as she turned human with just her hair being rainbow and still had her Pegasus wings. She wore a white lab coat, black long lab gloves, black tank top and slacks with black boots. She smiled happily as she opened the door to the mansion excited to start on her potions. She looked to see the new guy who didn't impress her that much but she called him over. "What's you name and way to kill?" "Jason the Carpenter and I set things on fire." She rolled her eyes. "So original. Any way follow me your room is right next to mine." She headed up the stairs as Jason followed her he thought she was the prettiest girl he ever met. She pointed to the door to his room as her door was like a rainbow swirl. "You're door will look like you're personality or looks. Do not bother me unless it's an emergency." He nodded and entered his plain looking room. 


     Jason decided it was time to make this room his own by first placing candles everywhere then made everything look super fancy, colorful and amazing. He made his entire room have firey colors with candles that had black fire. Once that was done he went outside to play with the other pastas who were playing hide and kill. Since no one could actually die it was a game to practice their skills and techniques. He made sure not to set the forest on fire just to set the members on fire. After a few hours of playing it was time for dinner. Masky as usual went to get Rainbow Dash as she followed she noticed the way the new guy's face was like. All the members were at the dining room table eating and talking about there latest kills. Rainbow Dash just kept her eyes on the new member seeing if he was going to do something stupid. He wasn't; in fact he was laughing and joking around with the other members and did notice Rainbow Dash had her eyes on him but pretended he didn't notice it. After dinner Ben went to play on the PS4 in the gaming room as Jeff followed. Jason was curious so he followed as well. Jason, Jeff and Ben started to play Call of Duty. Jeff was cursing at Ben for cheating since he was losing miserably. Ben simply smiled and asked Jason about what he was like and such.


   "Well Ben I was raised in a good home that is until my Father started drinking then things got bad. He started to beat my mother for no reason what so ever. After awhile my sanity completely disappeared when I was 14 and I put gasoline everywhere and lite the house on fire but I was also on fire. When I got to I ended up with a void face and two candles for eyes." "How does that even happen?" "I have no idea but that's my story." "Doesn't make any sense but ok." They played until Jason got too tired and went to his room to go to sleep. When he entered his room he could booming music through his wall from where Rainbow Dash's room was but ignored it and drifted to sleep.



Rainbow Dash's side


Rainbow Dash put her password and finger prints on the locks to her lab from her room. She went to Eyeless Jack's room and knocked lightly. "Oh hey Dash." He went to get the bodies he got from his kills and handed them to her. "Thank you EJ." "No prob." She carried the bodies easily then set them on the lab tables. She turned on her music that boomed loudly in the room playing Hollywood Undead. She ripped out the hearts then took out a syringe and a potion bottle for her store called Rainbow Factory. She carefully took out the love juice from the hearts with the syringe and put the juice in the potion bottles. she put the warning stamps on the potion bottles saying, 'this potion will make the one you like only love you and you alone forever. They will not Be able to love anyone else except for you.' She took out a skull and used a hammer to crush it into dust then put it into a beaker to add some herbs and such then put the big mixture into different sized Rainbow Factory potion bottles saying, 'Temporary Invisibility Potion'. She kept using the skulls from the bodies to create Invisibility potions.


    "Well done with the easy potions. Now to the animal potions." She went to her wall of potion ingredients and picked out the ingredients for the animal potions that were in need of inventory. She used many beakers and heated them slowly and careful then put the labels on them saying which animal it will turn the person like a furry both for temporary and for permanent. "K what else," she read the paper to show her what she needed in her store. "Enlargements temp and permanent." She cut off the skin of the bodies torso then used the grinder to turn the skin to dust as she put the ingredients to make the potions into beakers and put them in Rainbow Factory potion bottles. "Flying potions" She took off one of her feathers that she knew all her feathers would grow back and put it in a mixture as it turned bright blue and put the mix in more bottles.


    The assistant robot was packing the bottles in boxes and labeling them. She then looked at the immortals list. she took her pet dragon to use his breathe for some potions and took some scales from him that she knew dragons grow back scales quickly  to make more immortal potions. "hmmm the grim reaper potion. lets see if i got the ingredients. Oh dear i don't have a skull of a prince of hell. Guess I'll deal with Lucifer later." She stared to creating the demon potions for the demon floors since her store was like a huge mall that was 7 floors. "Stupid mortals don't know the risks they think these words on the warning labels are misleading." She continued to create other immortal potions and demon potions until she had a huge list of stuff to get from Lucifer. "There now for the hard part." She created the symbol then used the bodies blood to make a blood sacrifice. The elevator to hell appeared and she stepped to it. The main skull on the elevator looked at her. "Hey Dash" "Heya" she then stepped into the elevator as she saw new arrivals getting tortured and demons laughing like maniacs. The robot followed to be the one to carry all the boxes. 


   "Ah Dashie" "Hey Lucifer good to see ya" She gave him the spines of the bodies she had. "Only 10 in one day? Is EJ slacking off?" "No there's just more mortals getting smart." "That is a problem." "Indeed." She handed him her long list. He snapped his figers as all the items she needed appeared in crimson red boxes with screaming skulls on the sides with spines on the sizes. The robot took them all. "See you soon Lucifer." "Oh how I'll miss you my sweet Dash" She rolled her eyes as she entered the elevator with the robot behind her. When they entered her lab the robot got to work to put the ingredients away for her in the endless ingredient wall and typed what was needed. The wall moved to where the ingredient was to be placed as the robot put in the ingredient in the bottle and kept doing that for all the ingredients. "Perfect. Now to make potions that will make people's faces fall off."

She continued to create potions until she was too tired then went to her cloud and put the rainbow blanket on her as she feel asleep on her pillows that had her cutie mark on them.


Jason's Side


     Jason was sleeping then he heard a huge explosion from Dash's room. "Da fuck is she doing?" He got up then went to her door and opened it slowly then watched what the hell she was doing.  He saw how effortlessly she was smashing bones and creating potions. He looked in aw of how she looked like a flawless angel as she worked. After awhile he saw her create some symbol on the floor then an elevator came from no where that looked like it would be in a horror movie. When the elevator vanished he wondered where the hell did she go. After awhile the elevator reappeared as she steeped out he was happy that she wasn't hurt. He noticed the robot had boxes that looked were fancy and watched the wall moved and how she just went back to work. When she opened the door he was in his room already wondering if what he just saw was real.


Back to normal

     Once everyone woke up they all headed to the dining room for breakfast. Jason had a puzzled look on his face. Jeff smirked. "Saw Dash working?" "Huh?" "When she makes potions for her store lots of explosions happen but you get used to it." "It's right next to my room." "Yea you're the first to get to be next to her room." Rainbow almost fell asleep in her breakfast. "You work too hard Dash" "I don't need your opinion Jeff. I need sleep" "Then go back to bed Dash," Slenderman said. She yawned, "Ok see you guys tonight." She went to her room then fell asleep instantly on her cloud. "Does she really go to hell?" Jeff looked at him wide eyed, "You saw the elevator to hell?" "What? That was real?" Slenderman nodded. "Rainbow Dash makes all the potions you can think of and sometimes she needs to go to hell to get ingredients." "Wow she's amazing." "Well she does love to make people miserable. She rather watch behind the scenes to watch people turn into monsters by her potions rather than use weapons."


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