Rainbow Factory Dash and the New Member

Rainbow Dash meets this new member of the creepypasta mansion and finds herself interested in him


3. Getting to Know Everyone

      "Want me to show you around?" Jeff stabbed the new guy's head as the knife went through it like it didn't hit anything. "Did you forget my head is a void?" Jeff merely gritted his teeth. Ben smiled, "Ok Jeff you show the new guy around. I'm going to go play GTA 5 on Xbox one." "Just like you to go running off to electronics and cheating." "You're just jealous I'm awesome at all games and a very sore loser." "I AM NOT!" Ben rolled his eyes. "Suuuurrreee ok I soo believe that." "Well new guy Ben can go into any electronics long as they are in cables and cords and drive people into insanity. I kill people people using my knife." "Don't forget you always tell them to go to sleep in a sadistic way." Jeff smirked. "That I do."


     "Your name is Jason correct?" "Yup." "Well Jason we're going to LJ and Jill's room next. They are married now and are expecting." They went up to a black and white stripped door and Jeff knocked then entered the room. All that was in the room was a Laughing Jack and Laughing Jill in a box. Jeff took the box and cranked the handle until LJ and Jill appeared. "Welcome Welcome one and all I am Laughing Jack" "And I'm Laughing Jill." Jason looked them over. "So Jack and Jill are killer clowns." "Yup LJ he kills children while Jill kills entire families. Jack uses his claws while Jill uses chainsaws. We all give the corpses to EJ cuz he loves to eat kidneys and then he gives the corpses to Rainbow Dash. Once she's done with the bodies she puts them in the grinder." "What are you doing Jeff?" "Showing the new guy around." "Oh ok." They left the room and Jeff headed towards EJ's room. He knocked on his door. EJ opened the door, "Rainbow Dash I just gave you the bodies." "Dumbass It's me." "Oh hi Jeff. Who's this?" "This is the new guy Jason. Jason is this Eyeless Jack." "Why hello. My way of killing if using a knife and all of us know how you kill. As for you Jeff are you hiding from Nina again?" "Always. I hate her." "Well have fun in the mansion." Jason nodded and smiled.


     "You'll go to Nurse Ann last for her to take your vitals and such. Masky is probably getting patched up by her from horsing around with Ticci Toby. Toby and Clockwork are going out. They all use knives to kill well except Nurse Ann she uses a chainsaw that I gave her. I was the one who killed her just for fun. She the nurse, doctor, and surgeon. Rainbow Dash helps her with surgery." He nodded. "Suicide Sadie is just kinda there. Sally was 6 when she died by being raped by her uncle who killed her. She loves tea parties." "What a horrible man" Jeff nodded. "Zero is black and white as well and uses chainsaws to kill and her boyfriend is the puppeteer which we will meet in the toy room." "Jane the killer well she hates me cuz I turned her into who she is and killed her family and friends." "Well those are good reasons to hate you." He smirked, "Yea. Now let's go see Ben's girlfriend Lulu, the prettiest girl ever. Lucky bastard." 


      They went to Lulu's room and knocked. "Lulu it's me Jeff and the new guy wants to meet you." Lulu slowly opened the door with her bangs covering her face. "Hello Jason. Don't worry I won't ask to take your eyes." "Her eyes are just sockets and usually her eyes are closed so it looks like a blank slate on where her eyes should be. "Jeff do you have to tell everyone that?" "Yes I do" "Well hello Jason. My way of killing is drugging a person through mist and then taking their eyes out. All our kills go to EJ and they go to Rainbow Dash." "Now then let's go to the toy room."


     At the toy room the toymaker, candy pop, and the puppeteer were there. "Hey everyone." "Hey Jeff." "Toymaker this is Jason the carpenter." He took off his hat and bowed. "Hello I'm Jason the Toymaker but everyone just calls me Toymaker." "You sure are colorful." "Yes I am. My way of killing is using one of my red mice to explode people and turn people into dolls either just by a simple wined up spring on the back or by turning them into a doll for a child to play with." "I'm Candy Pop the very colorful jester." "Nice to meet you." "My way of killing is to drive the person insane by making them see horrible things that they don't know if it's real or not in their minds." "Awesome." "I know right." The puppeteer bowed. "I'm the puppeteer. As my name says I use puppets to play with children. The way I kill is making a person who won't be missed by society by breaking them like a puppet moving it's joints. They way they look to other's is as if they simply hung themselves." "Interesting." "Yes all of us in the toy room having very interesting ways to kill." "Thanks guys I'll show the new guy to a few more then to Nurse Ann." They nodded.


    "Alright Jason Clockwork has one green eye and a pocket watch in place of her other eye. Clockwork, Nina, Zero and I think Sadie all sew a smile into their faces. Ah how I love it when people try to look like me. I'm gorgeous after all." "Oh yea you're the most attractive guy in the world." "Don't have to so sarcastic." "Now let's go see the Painter. He's dating Judge Angels she's not really a judge. She merely judges on who deserves to live and die." "Ok." Jeff led him to the painter's room and knocked. "It's me Jeff." The painter opened his door as beautiful drawings were all over his room. "This is Jason the one who's the fire starter." "Hello. I'm the painter and my way of killing is a knife and using the blood to draw a smiley face on the wall." Jason nodded. "Now let's go see my bro Lui. He went to juvie for me when it was me who killed one of the bullies. When they came for me I killed 2 of them and then alcohol and bleach was poured onto me then I became as beautiful as I am today.. I killed my parents and I thought I killed Lui but he survived. In a way I'm glad he survived and became a killer just like me."


     Jeff knocked on Lui's door. Lui opened it and hugged Jeff. "Last night's kills were so refreshing." "Lui all kills are refreshing. Anyway this is Jason the new guy." "Ah nice to meet you. I use a knife to kill and it's nice to finally meet you." "Likewise." "Taking to him to Nurse Ann now?" He nodded. "Good luck with her." He took Jason to Nurse Ann as she wore a sexy black nurse outfit and looked like Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas. She sighed. "Hi Jeff." "Hey Ann this is the guy Jason." He sat in a chair as she took his vitals then typed them into her computer. "You're healthy and I hope to not see you in my office as much as I do with Masky." "Awww cute you just love him don't you Ann." "Shut up Jeff." "That's all the most important members in the mansion. How did you like everyone?" "Well they all were friendly and the ones you said I'm sure they are fun as well." "Oh yea it's never boring here. So I'm glad you feel welcome here." "Thank you for showing me around." "No prob."


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