A King and his Queen

Taehyung is set to be the next king.

But every king needs a queen.

He just hasn't found his yet.


1. -1-

The Nean Kingdom was known to be a wealthy place.

People lived in peace with one another. Everyone knew everyone. The butcher on the corner of the street knew the carpenter from two blocks away and the carpenter knew the little old lady at the end of the street three blocks away from his. As said, everyone knew each other. That often turned into big get togethers with lots of food and wine and music.

It was a relief for the king and queen to see that the people of Nean were able to get along with each other so well. It would've been a burden if everyone just hated each other. After all, they had bigger plans to think about. Their one and only son, Kim Taehyung, was set to be the next king. Their son was going to keep the Nean Kingdom happy and wealthy.

But, every king needs a queen to be at his side while doing so. A queen to be his other half. A queen to help him deciding what's best for their kingdom. A queen to make him happy and keep him happy. A queen to be there for him through the toughest times.

Sadly, that queen hasn't been found yet.

Their son hasn't found that special person. That person that would make his heart beat faster, make his tummy go crazy and his head spin with the thought; 'Yes. That's going to be my queen.'.

It wasn't because people thought their son was ugly or anything. Oh no, definitely not. Quite the opposite actually. Kim Taehyung was tall and lean. Messy blonde hair framed the boy's soft looking face, dark eyes and pink inviting lips finishing off his pretty face. Sun kissed skin glowed underneath the rays of sunshine as he made a walk through the town.

People loved him and adored him, yet no one seemed to spark his interest. Of course, the boy cared about everyone. There just wasn't someone yet that made his heartbeat quicken. His parents knew, that would have to change soon. Even the boy himself knew that he needed a queen to rule over the Nean Kingdom. He couldn't do that all by himself. He needed someone to turn to when he needed help. Someone to help him and be at his side. Someone to support him in ruling over their wealthy kingdom.

He just didn't find anyone yet who would be perfect to do so.

The king and queen however, thought it would be a good idea to let princesses from other kingdoms come over for a day and introduce themselves to the prince. Maybe then the boy would find his other half. The right person had to be one of those princesses.

They just had to find out which one.

But, the young prince had a secret. A secret that made him feel guilty, and often made him fall asleep with tears on his cheeks. He thought he was abnormal. He knew that it was wrong to feel this way. He was guilty of being like this. He knew he would dissapoint his parents if he told them. He knew. He knew all too well. You see, the young prince didn't take an interest in girls. He liked boys. As simple as that. It sounded so simple to say. 'I like boys.' But it wasn't easy. Not like this. Taehyung knew he'd break his parents's dreams if he told them that he'd want to marry to another prince instead of a princess. He already broke their dreams in his mind.

He knew he'd never be happy with a girl at his side. 

Taehyung felt guilty. He really, really did. He had broken his parents's dreams without them even knowing anything about it. But he knew that nothing could change his interest. It didn't matter how pretty or kind the girl was.

He hasn't found his queen yet, and never will. What he did want to find however, was a king who cared about him and would be his other half. He wanted his king to be there for him and keep him happy and strong. He wanted his king to be his shoulder to cry on and be there for him every step of the way of ruling over the Nean Kingdom.

His parents wouldn't allow it. They wouldn't allow their dreams of their son being happy with a woman being shattered. They wanted grandchildren, of course. But Taehyung knew he could never give them that. As much as he wanted to make his parents happy, he knew he couldn't.

That's how Taehyung fell asleep every night. With guilt washed all over him and the thought of broken dreams


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