The tales of lilly-anne birkhill - two dimensional

when an unordinary girl goes to a ordinary school with her unordinary friends, trouble is caused as there lives and the discovery of the rest of the magic world is forced into there hands


1. Meet the gang (Teaser)

'The ginger haired girl sat up against the world tree, the one thing that separated the humans from all mythical creatures, you know , unicorns and all that jazz.' Lilly-Anne smiles and looks around

​'Stop! stop! just stop!' Meghan said as she glared over at Lilly-Anne 'you can not start our story like that!' she shakes her head 'give me the book!'.

​Lilly-Anne sighed and handed the book and pen to Meghan 'Fine Meghan! You can write "our" story!' her ginger locks fell in front of her face as she crossed her arms.

Meghan smiled and giggles 'thanks lils your the best' she looked around and sighed happily.

​'How many times I hate the name lils! call me Lilly!' Lilly-Anne snapped at Meghan 'I bet you don't even know how to..." she was cut off by the sudden narration of Meghan.

​'Once upon a time there lived a beautiful blonde haired Water spirit, her eyes were as blue as the sea. her friends were pretty awesome too, despite one being emo and the other a complete  nature freak' she smirked

Lilly-Anne sighs ‘What about me? Peal?’ she chuckled, Lilly-Anne knew Meghan heated being called pearl, the only time Meghan got called pearl was by her grandparents.

Meghan glared at Lilly-Anne ‘oh yeah i forgot about, the water spirit hated all ginger heard dwarfs and couldn't…’ she was stopped by the sudden growling of a wolf, Meghan jumped back and screamed 'OMG! OMG! it's probably got rabies!' she screamed even louder and tried to climb the tree.

Lilly-Anne laughs 'First of all I'm sure Oliver is quite offended by that comment' she gently pets the wolf's head 'secondly rabies have been completely extinct in Britain for hundreds of years!' she smiles

​The wolf turned into a six foot four , slightly muscular boy, his brown hair just about resting above his eyebrows 'Meghan you fall for that every time!' he laughs 'also Lilly that last facts not so true, the last time someone died of rabies was 2006 and that was here in Scotland' he leaned against the tree and smirked.

Meghan slowly let herself slip down the tree ‘I hate you, both of you’ she pouts and sits down ‘why do you always have to do that!’ she grumbles.

Oliver chuckles ‘because i know it scares you and that you hate it?’ he sighs and shakes his head ‘anyway if anyone should write this story it should be me? Everyone knows that all the greatest writers where elves?’ he taps his foot and sticks his hand out trying to grab the book.

Lilly-Anne tilts her head ‘Like who?’ she sits down beside Meghan Cause I know for certain that Terry Pratchett wasn't?’ she looked up at Oliver ‘Shut up!’ she covered her mouth in disbelief.

Oliver smirks ‘all the greats, like Terry Pratchett, J.R.R. Tolkien, J. K. Rowling and Rick Riordan!’ he grabs the book and pen.

Meghan looked up at him confused ‘who? What? Where?’ she grumbles ‘I'm sorry but they can't be that great if I have never heard of them’ she sighs

Oliver grins and shakes his head ‘Meghan when was the last time you picked up a book’ he looked down at Meghan and before she said anything, he said ‘exactly now let me do this. There once was a brave and fearless warrior by the name of Oliver McEwan, nothing could scare him!’ he suddenly looked straight ahead and let out a scream ‘i want my mummy!’ he starts climbing the tree and watches the skeleton army charging towards them from above, the army was lead by a black fog with dark purple eyes.

The black fog stopped and let out an evil chuckle, it quickly turned into a lanky man wearing complete black from head to toe, his black mullet just covering his unusual purple eyes ‘sorry I'm late’ he smirks and puts his hood up which seemed to make the skeleton army disappear, he sat down and looked around.

Meghan and Lilly-Anne laugh, they both say in perfect unison ‘the brave and fearless warrior! Nothing could scare him!’ they looked at each other and laughed even harder than before.

Oliver grumbles and stayed sat up in the tree ‘hahaha very funny! Hey Cerin I know you're a reaper and it's super cool and all but do you have to travel like that!’ he looked down at him.

Cerin looked up at Oliver and laughs ‘Sorry buddy didn't mean to scare you, well it's the fastest way for me to travel?’ he stops and thinks ‘although i could get Napoleon Bonaparte out and ride him’ he smiles.

Oliver sighs ‘whose Napoleon Bonaparte?’ he jumps down from one of the lower branches of the tree ‘And yes that would be nicer’ he smiles and sits down beside Cerin

Cerin chuckles ‘first off it's pronounced Napoleon Bone apart’ he smirked and looked at Oliver ‘secondly, he's a skeletal horse’ he hums quietly to himself ‘anyway what's happening with this story ?’ he looked at Lilly-Anne.

Lilly-Anne sighs ‘everyone wants to write it and no one agrees on what to start with’ she looks back at Cerin ‘any ideas? .

Cerin smiles ‘why don’t we let it write itself?’ he looked at Oliver ‘you get me a golden phoenixes feather’ he looks at Meghan ‘you get me kraken's ink’ he sighs and looks at Lilly-Anne ‘i know you hate the old dwarfs mines but can you go down there and get me dwarfanite?’ he sighs knowing how rare and almost impossible all theses items where to collect.

Meghan looks at Cerin ‘and what about you? What will you get?’ she tilts her head and gets to her feet ‘causes I'm not going to get ripped to shreds whilst you sit here and do nothing!’ she snaps.

Cerin smirks ‘calm it princess’ he chuckles ‘if anything i have the hardest job. I have to acquire… Hades bone’ he looks up at them.


They all get to their feet and gather their weapons, they look at each other and nod.

‘I guess it's a quest’ Lilly-Anne sighs and looks around the group ‘meet back here in a week?’.

They all nod and go there own ways, Lilly-Anne towards the hills of the dwarfs, Meghan To the sea of forgotten tales, Oliver to the forbidden forest and Cerin to the underworld.



‘Hey! Wait up the first rule of questing is you never! And I repeat never split up!’ the author sighs ‘how am i supposed to write this story now!’ he shakes his head and sighs in defeat.


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