Red Cross

Nick had only recently turned eighteen. He had landed something close to his dream job, had great friends and family, and was planning on moving into his own place within the year. Unfortunately, though, Nick died. He believed he led a good life, choosing to help those around him rather than ignore them, even if they were just a stranger. Thanks to his kind nature and pure soul, Nick was given the chance to stay alive in another world. He quickly decided that being an adventurer was the correct course of action in order to continue helping others.


1. 1-1: God Is A Girl


Nick’s eyes shot open.


“Oh, you’re awake. Good, that means we can get down to business.” A soft, feminine voice spoke from up high.


Nick looked up to see a woman sitting in a comfy brown leather chair, rocking gently as if it were on water, her legs over one arm of the chair and her head resting on the other. Just as Nick was about to ask what was going on, she sat upright and pushed down into the chair with her hands, sending herself falling. For the first fifteen feet of the drop she was gaining speed, but then she gracefully glided to the ground for the last second or two, landing with her toes first, quickly followed by the rest of her feet. Her blonde hair that was long enough to lightly touch the ground was a second behind her body, briefly floating behind her but colliding with her back and legs as she took a single step forward.


Nick just sat there, dazed by the woman’s beauty, completely forgetting that he was originally concerned about where he was.


The woman opened her big, green eyes and smiled at him. “Nice to meet you, Nick.”


Her saying this jump-started Nick again. “Ah, right! What is this place? Why am I here?”


“People usually forget at first. Here, take a look.” She said, moving her right hand to point her palm at Nick.


Nick watched, amazed. An outline of a circle formed in front of the woman's hand with a gentle, light blue hue, about twice the size of an adult’s head. It slowly filled itself in with what appeared to be a video. He couldn’t see the woman anymore thanks to his line of sight being blocked by the magic she was using, but she had turned her head away and had a mournful look on her face.


His eyes widened as he instantly recognized himself in the video. A close friend had him in their arms, blood flowing from his side at an incredible pace, his hand in the footage was completely limp and lying on the ground.


“I hate this part so much, but unfortunately you passed away roughly an hour ago. I’m sorry.”


She closed her hand, perhaps more forcefully than was needed, causing the magic circle to vanish. As she looked back at the young man she noticed that he had started feeling around his stomach where he remembers being stabbed.


Without him realizing it, the woman had wrapped her arms around him in an attempt to comfort him. “I cannot possibly fathom what you are feeling right now, but take as much time as you need.”


After hearing her say that, Nick just let himself stay in her arms, thinking but not saying anything for what seemed like an eternity.


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