A Few Completely Original Songs

Just a collection of a few songs I've written.


1. War Called Life

Our hearts can't get bigger, they only get blacker

When our tears get smaller, we only cry longer

When melodies get louder, you can't hear the words

For everything good, there's an opposite in our world



But not on my life, will I cry again

Because if I show weakness, they'll tear me apart

So let's band together, strength in numbers

You'll be my boat, in this river of tears

My shield in this war called life


Now this isn't a poem, not a ballad of love

It is collections of my dreams and nightmares, all rolled into one

My hopes and fears, and all of our hidden tears

And all the anger against everyone


Sometimes for the truth, you buy it with your happiness

Sometimes for your freedom, you buy it with your heart

You search for the one true champion

Then find secrets to tear us apart


So never give in no never give up,

If you think it is worth the risk

Let me ask you this,


Do you think you can take it, Bend but not break it

Do you think you can hold me up, even though your the one falling down

Do you can sleep, through all this sound?


I guess when it's us against the world

You'll gladly leave me

But we can survive

I will try




They tell us not to dream

For it is not how it may seem,

But as I drift off to sleep, my dreams take hold

I could never take orders well

It is not I crime to have hopes

So don't let them tell you so

You have to be your own self, and not who they tell you

Don't believe them, they are not true


Everyone cries alone at some point

So I will join your side and you will join mine

Even if we're running out of time

I know you will keep me up

The one support beam in a collapsing building


[verse x2]

We need to keep going, even if we're slowing

Because even when you don't want it, those tears slip down your cheeks

We don't know the difference, between the world and our dreams

A perfect fantasy, a gruesome nightmare




[fading out]

War called life

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