A Few Completely Original Songs

Just a collection of a few songs I've written.


2. Broken-hearted Souls (Hey There Everyone)

Hey there everyone,

Who feels the same way as me 

Complete strangers are best friends,

United over what ruined their lives

 and gave them a reason to live



And our bones broken by sticks and stones

Will all eventually heal

But our hearts shattered by thousands or few words,

Is a pain we'll always feel


And you can break our hearts

But you will never break are souls

Together we'll stand strong

With our broken-hearted souls 



And friends are always good,

But real friends are family

So hey there everyone 

Who feels the same as me


It's good to know, that I am not alone 

And I say you feel the same

Even when everyone says no

There is someone to say yes 




Hey there everyone 

This is my message to you

Never stop loving something or someone

Just because your told to


And everyone out there

With a broken-hearted soul like mine,

Don't let anyone call you weird

Because to me you're just fine








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