A Marauders Love

Ever wonder if Sirius Black had a crush throughout his time in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry? Well if you have then come and read this story!
Rose Hathaway is a smart young girl who has been to sick to go to school for the last 5 years but suddenly with a declaration of protection from Dumbledore and a promise of going to the nurse twice a week; Rose is allowed to go.
We'll follow Rose's adventures through Hogwarts and her times with the Marauders. Don't worry though; we'll see Lily Evans, Severus Snape, and the Hogwarts teachers along the way!


7. Gryffindor Quidditch Tryouts

The next morning arrived as quickly as it ended and all the boys were excited for the Quidditch tryouts.

"But what if you're not even on the team this year," Lily questioned as she ate some eggs.

"Evens don't you even wish that negativity on me," James demanded as he drank some orange juice.

"James is the best," Sirius said slapping James on the back, making his drink spill onto his plate. "We'll be there to cheer for you mate."

"Exactly," Remus said raising a glass. He was looking significantly better today; color was regaining to his face and his eyes were a brighter green.

"The rest of you don't play," I asked moving the food on my plate more than I was eating it.

"Rose are you okay," Sirius asked. I looked up to his face full of worry.

"I'm alright," I replied dropping my fork.

"Are you sure," he replied. Suddenly I felt a hand on my forehead; I looked up and Sirius had one hand to my head and the other to his own. "You feel really hot Rose."

"No," I said and shook his hand off my head.

"Come on," he said standing up.

"Come on what?"

"We're going to the nurse," he said matter of factly. "Or your mum."

"You're not coming to tryouts," James burst out with a scowl.

"I'll be there shortly mate," Sirius replied and tugged on my hand.

"You guys sound like a lovely couple," Lily laughed. "Need him to support you?"

"Evans," he said slowly; he dragged his hand through his hair. "Sirius and I are and will always be a packed deal."

"So I have that to look to, do I?"

"Well yes," James began then stopped abruptly. He looked at Lily who was now blushing deeply.

"I didn't mean it like that," she demanded.

"Come along," Sirius replied and pulled my hand. We left the group as James starting flirting and Lily was now trying very hard not to blush.

We walked through the corridors and up staircases; he was headed to my mums classroom. I looked down and realize Sirius's hand was still clasped around mine.

"Having a crush little baby black," a high pitched voice rang out from over head.

I looked up to see a ghost; but wait he wasn't really a ghost. You couldn't actually see through him but he had super pale white skin and he was flying.

"Off with ya Peeves," Sirius yelled back but didn't stop moving forward.

"A new little girlfriend is what Black has," the one called Peeves sung. "But about the others? They're all going to be sad!"

We crossed into a wall but didn't collide. It was a door and we were now in a classroom.

"Wow," I laughed.

"Yeah doors like to pretend that they're walls," Sirius said finally letting go of my hand. "That was Peeves, he's a poltergeist who stays around the school."

"Oh," I replied and we stood in silence for a while.

"You know," Sirius started out slowly. "I don't have a lot of girlfriends; I don't have any actually."

"Oh okay," I said staring at the floor but I was relived. "I didn't really believe him anyways."

"Good," he was smiling then looked down embarrassed. "He's probably gone by now."

We walked down the corridor towards my mothers class. Finally we arrived and she was sitting in her desk, looking through pieces of parchment.

She looked up form her desk as we entered. "Rose," she smiled and stood. "And Mr. Black?"

"Oh how," he started to asked but my mum interrupted. "Your group of friends are even famous to the teachers, with all your pranks."

"Ah right," he laughed for a second but then stopped as he looked away from my mum who was now glaring lightly at him.

"Anyways," she said forgetting about Sirius. "Why are you here Rose."

"I did promise to come visit once in a while," I smiled.

"She wasn't eating breakfast and she has a fever," Sirius intervened and gave me a glare for lying.

"Oh darling," my mother said moving towards me. She did exactly as Sirius had done earlier. "You don't feel warm much anymore but here you go," she walked back to her desk and grabbed a bottle from a drawer. "Drink," she handed me the bottle.

I drank it and felt instantly better, "thanks mum."

"Of course," she took the bottle back and recapped it. "Off you go, Mr. Potter plays Quidditch and I say if he knew you weren't there he would be quite hurt."

"Oh right," Sirius replied and started walking off.

I followed and when we arrived to the Quidditch pitch; all the Gryffindor team was already in their uniforms and on the field.

Sirius and I walked to Lily, Remus and Peter who were sitting close to the front where they could see the team clearly. "How's it so far," I asked as Sirius started yelled at James. "COME ON JAMESY BOY!"

"It's not a game you know," Remus replied. He was reading a book, "you don't have to yell like that."

"Hey don't get in between me and James," Sirius said pointing at Remus.

"Oh I would never," he replied with a smirk.

"About four people are trying out today," Lily said to me as Sirius was still shouting encouragements at James.

The next second Maddock McGonagall was yelling at Sirius to shut his trap while they started the tryouts.

"James is a really good flier," I commented as the team was in the air. James was a chaser which meant his mission in the game was to get the quaffle into the other teams goal.

There were two people trying out for Keeper; Lana Mchannon and Charlie Lassen. "That Charlie bloke is pretty good," Sirius mumbled and he watched the game intensely. "He's a fifth year; heard his da is a professional Quidditch player. Plays for the Banchory Bangers; they're mascot is a dragon."

"Lana is pretty good too," Lily pipped in before Sirius could continue on with his Quidditch talk.

"Wow," I giggled. "I didn't know you knew so much about Quidditch."

Sirius was has been concentrated on the game finally look over at me, his hair flowing in the wind. "Oh yeah, I never usually bring it up much seeing how my family was all on the Slytherin Quidditch team; my little brother is on the team now as Seeker."

"I would of thought you were an only child," I replied mildly.

"Oh yeah," Sirius nodded. "Basically am now; got disowned and everything."

Remus, as I could tell, was listening in our conversation thought he showed no sign of it as he kept reading his book.

"Disowned," I whispered.

"Yeah I live with James now," Sirius said suddenly smiling. "Never been so happy."

"You have a brother on the Slytherin team?"

"Yeah he's good," Sirius replied his smile fading slowly. "Anyways let's watch James."

Sirius went back to cheering on James as Remus leaned close to me. "You know," he said closing his book slowly, "he never has told anyone much about his family. I'm surprised you got that much detail."

"So what about his brother," I asked in a low voice.

"They don't get alone much or at least they don't act like it in public. I know Sirius still loves his brother. Just wishes he wouldn't end up like the rest of his family."

I fell quiet as the words sank in. I've heard of the Black family being vile but I didn't except them to be that way to their own family. But Sirius has to be very different from his family; with how he's nice all the time.

James was now flying around and making shots easily into the goalpost. Sirius was right though, Charlie was better than Lana. Two other people were trying out for chaser to be teamed up with James and Ana, a sixth year girl who was just as good as James.

Maisie Watson and Georgianna Harrison were trying for the Chaser position but Georgianna wasn't staying in the broom that well. Every time she would start to go fast; she would shake violently and begin to fall off. James was showing off; he would throw a Quaffle into the goal then fly around the pitch out his hands through his hair and smirking at Lily.

Finally tryouts we're over; Maisie was the new Chaser and Charlie was the keeper seeing how he saved a couple more quaffles then his opponent.

James came flying down to us and jumped off his broom right before touching the ground. "I'm gunna change real fast then let's go do something fun."

"What does that mean," Lily demanded as every stood up.

"It means that we haven't pulled any pranks lately and I'm sure good ol' Filch is having to much of a vacation. Now Evans you could help if not," James said walking towards the changing room.

"Oh," Lily was frustrated. "What do you think Rose?"

All eyes were on me. Peter was practically jumping up and down from excitement, Remus had a rare glint in his eye, and Sirius was smirking in a mischievous way. "I would like to try...I mean I've never pulled a prank before," I replied just above a whisper. "I mean on anyone except my parents."

"It's a party then," Sirius said with a huge smile. "This is going to be epic!"

"Oh goodness," Lily whispered.

What have I gotten myself into?

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