A Marauders Love

Ever wonder if Sirius Black had a crush throughout his time in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry? Well if you have then come and read this story!
Rose Hathaway is a smart young girl who has been to sick to go to school for the last 5 years but suddenly with a declaration of protection from Dumbledore and a promise of going to the nurse twice a week; Rose is allowed to go.
We'll follow Rose's adventures through Hogwarts and her times with the Marauders. Don't worry though; we'll see Lily Evans, Severus Snape, and the Hogwarts teachers along the way!


4. Common Rooms, Quidditch, and Classes

Students were sorted, the feast was eaten, and now Dumbledore stood making the room hush into silence.

"My dear students," he began loudly. Dumbledore was an older man; his beard and hair were being to whiten and his blue eyes looking over half moon spectacles. "We are happy to say welcome to Hogwarts this fine year. New students do remember to listen to our caretaker Argus Filch; he is very adamant on following school rules. One very important to him is no magic in the corridors," as Dumbledore said this; his eyes were dancing. He was having fun as he talked to everyone. "To any student wishing to play Quidditch for their house; leave your name with your head of house and they will tell you when tryout are."

He stood quietly for a moment; his eyes moving over all the students.

"We do know that there is a dark wizard who is creating all sorts of chaos; Tom Riddle who now goes by the name Lord Voldemort," whispers erupted throughout the Great Hall. "Need not worry my dear children," Dumbledore said putting up his hand to silence the room. "For the wizard will not be able to enter Hogwarts. Now stepping aside all the worry; tomorrow is the start of a new year so please go up to bed and dream."

The noises of students talking and benches moving created a weird feeling. My parents never told me how serious the matter was; the always kept me in the dark. I guess it was because I was sick all the time; over-protective parents.

"Are you coming Rose," I heard Lily ask through the noise. "We're up to the common room."

"Oh yeah of course," I laughed lightly. I followed Lily through the crowds and up a bunch of flights of stairs. We finally got the the seventh landing; a huge portrait huge onto the wall. "Password," the portrait said loudly. She was called The Fat Lady, as my dad told me. Always wanting a password before letting student in.

"Fortitudo," Remus muttered to the painting. The Fat Lady opened up to a circular hole in the wall. Everyone climbed through. As I walked through the portrait hole and into a circular room which was painted in different shades of red and gold. A huge fireplace took up all the space on one wall and a lion painting hung above it. Dozens of comfy looking chairs were scattered around the room. A bookshelf was on another wall and windows which overlooked the grounds were on another.

"How amazing," I smiled to myself.

"Pretty cool, isn't it," Peter said from beside me. "It's really nice to relax and study in here.

"As if you ever study," Remus laughed. "Lets go to bed."

"Agreed," Sirius and James spoke in unison. "Bye Evans, bye Rose," James said and walked towards two doors next to the bookcase.

"Our rooms are this way," Lily replied as she led her way towards the door the boys didn't go in. "Like I said before; there's an empty bed in my dormitory and I'm sure no one would care if you sleep in that one."

"Okay," I replied as we walked into the room. Four-poster beds with crimson red hanging.

My trunk was already at the end of a bed which I assumed would be mine. Owlington was sitting in his cage, hooting softly. "Hey there," I said walking over to him and opening his cage.

"Usually they let the owls go right off the Owlry," Lily said as she opened her trunk and started getting her night robes out. "Maybe since you're new they let him see you."

Owlington fly around the room for a few minutes; he would land on Lily and peck her cheek lightly. "You're so cute," she laughed.

"Okay okay," I said putting out my arm which Owlington flew and landed on. "Go on over to the Owlry and join the other owls. I'll bring you a letter tomorrow for dad."

Owlington nipped my cheek lightly then flew out the open window.

I began going through my trunk pulling out my own night robes and a picture frame of my parents and me who were all waving. I changed quickly and started to get into bed when three other girls came into the room all talking in hushed voices.

"You must be Rose," one of the girls smiled. "Professor McGonagall told us you were staying in our room."

The girl who spoke had long wavy blond hair, she introduced herself as Marlene. The other two were twins; the were the same in appearances except on had long black hair and the other had short wavy black hair. "I'm Ailsa," said the one with short hair. "And that's my sister Amelie." Amelie waved timidly.

The night flew by as the five of us talked. They all have been roommates since first year. They were all very nice. We all fell asleep after a while and I began to dream of the next day. Which classes I was going to take and Sirius even came up a few times.

I woke up; my eyes heavy from not enough sleep. "Come along Rose," I heard Lily muffle from her side of the bed. I got up with a groan; the girls showed me the bathroom so I got ready for my first day at Hogwarts.

"I'm a bit excited," I muttered to Lily as we walked down the stairs towards the common room. "First day of classes and all."

"You just never had to do homework," Lily said yanking her bag over her shoulder.

"My mum would send me the same amount of homework that she gave her students," I sighed.

"That doesn't sound very nice at all," Lily laughed and pushed the door open to the common room.

"We've been waiting for you," James yelled as we entered. The four boys were all sitting in comfy looking chairs.

"Why would you be waiting for us," Lily asked.

"Well you don't have anyone to hang out with these day," James said standing up. "Not that Snivellus will be around anymore."

"Wrong move mate," I heard Sirius mutter under his breath.

"You're an arse Potter," Lily stormed out without another word with James on her heels trying to apologize.

"Need help finding your way to the Great Hall again," Remus asked as I staring after Lily.

"Oh umm," my cheeks burned. How could I forget already. "Yes," I muttered defeated.

"Might as well come with us," Sirius laughed and began walking out.

I followed the trio silently. I still need to figure out what classes I should take. Would I be able to take NEWT level classes since I've never been here before?

"Which classes do you plan on taking," Sirius's voice was suddenly in my ear.

"Ah," I looked over and Sirius's face was inches from my own.

He started laughing, "sorry! I was calling you though."

"Oh I'm sorry," I laughed nervously. "But um, what about you guys?"

"Just the usual," he shrugged. "Defense Against the Dark Arts, Charms, Transfiguration."

"Potions and Herbology," Peter finished

"Just normal classes," Remus added. "We don't like to overachieve to much."

"so what about you," Sirius asked again.

"Oh probably the same," I shrugged. I was now beginning to worry.

We arrived at the Great Hall as many other students were too. The tables were now filled with different breakfast foods.

They found Lily and James arguing half way down the long tables. We all sat down and began eating.

An older boy walked up, "aye James."

"Ello Maddock," James replied turning towards the guy.

"We're having tryouts in a couple of days; you'll be there of course being chased again," Maddock was a tall guy but he had just enough muscles to be even. He sort of resembled McGonagall in a boy type of way.

"Be there of course," James replied then turned back towards his food when the boy left.

"He's Maddock McGonagall," Sirius said as he bit into a sausage.

"McGonagall's nephew," Remus added. He was reading a book as he picked through his eggs.

"No way," I laughed, my eyes following the boy till he sat down at the far end of the table. "I thought he looked like her."

"He won an award our first year," James added.

"But James also won an award as chaser our second year," Peter added with a huge smile. "He's pretty cool."

"Oh that's cool," I said as I picked a piece of toast off a moving bread holder. "I always thought Quidditch was awesome but I could never play being sick and all."

"No way," James asked as he threw down his fork. "That's bonkers never played Quidditch!"

I put my hands up in defense but Sirius spoke up, "he's right Rose. Quidditch is the best sport to ever come around!"

"We're going to have to play together," Remus added.

The conversation toppled into when we could all play a games together; not Friday night because Remus said so and the guys agreed immediately. Nor Saturday since that was Gryffindor Quidditch tryouts.

"Lily," a boy called from over our shoulders. "Please talk to me!"

I looked over as everyone else did and saw a tall lanky boy standing in the isle. He had black longish hair which looked like he pushed it down with gallons of grease and black eyes.

"Sev go away," Lily said turning her back; suddenly she was talking to James as if they were best friends.

So the boy was Severus Snape; the one the boys told me about on the train. He called Lily a bad name last year.

"But Lily please," Severus pleaded. "I really need to talk to you!"

"Why," she snapped back to glare at him. "So you can tell me all about the dark magic you did over the summer or about how you hung out with those death eater friends of yours?"

"No Lily," Severus started again slowly.

"Just leave Sev!"

"Go on," James said suddenly standing up.

Severus started to reach for his wand but stopped as Sirius stood up too, "we don't need to hex you on the first day of school."

I looked over at Remus with bewildered eyes; looking for answer on why they were so hostile but he was still reading his book. I looked over at Peter and he was focused on James and Sirius; looking at them like they were the best things he's ever seen.

"Just go before you get hurt," Lily replied and pulled James arm. He looked down at her with questioning eyes. He gave in and sat again beside her. Sirius also returned to his spot next to me.

"I'll talk to you sometime when you don't have this lousy crowd with you," Severus said then walked off down the isle again.

"Class schedules," Professor McGonagall shouted as she walked down the isle handing out pieces of parchment to the student. Stopping ever so often to discuss their classes. "Mr. Lupin and Ms. Evans, you both have passed you OWLs with Os so you both go on with classes. Mr. Potter and Mr. Black you two have gotten quiet a few Es and little Os but that will do enough to get you in those classes. Mr. Pettigrew, you on the other hand have gotten an A in potion so you will not continue into that one. All the rest are fine though," she handed them each a paper then turned to me. "Ms. Hathaway, I have talked to your mother and we can to the discussing you would have mostly Os on your OWLs so you will go on with normal class like Ms. Evans here. If you want to add a class or change anything then let me know."

She handed me a paper and walked off towards other students. I looked over my paper and I had all the same classes as Lily, James, Remus, and Sirius but Lily and Remus were also taking astronomy.

So I had Defense Against the Dark Arts, Transfiguration, Potions, Herbology, and Charms.

First time I've ever had classes or homework with other students. I looked up at my group of new friend and smiled.

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