A Marauders Love

Ever wonder if Sirius Black had a crush throughout his time in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry? Well if you have then come and read this story!
Rose Hathaway is a smart young girl who has been to sick to go to school for the last 5 years but suddenly with a declaration of protection from Dumbledore and a promise of going to the nurse twice a week; Rose is allowed to go.
We'll follow Rose's adventures through Hogwarts and her times with the Marauders. Don't worry though; we'll see Lily Evans, Severus Snape, and the Hogwarts teachers along the way!


6. A dog, a stag, and a rat

The next few days moved along without a hitch; classes were fun with all Lily and the boys. Sirius has been friendly than before; he even sits next to me in Defense Against the Dark Arts, whose teacher was a first timer women who dealt with her fair share of vampires.

It was now Friday and we were all sitting at evening super. "Remus you're looking quite pale," Lily mentioned as she chewed on a bread roll.

"I just think I'm getting sick," he confessed in a low voice. He was barely eating his steak and kidney pie.

Both James and Sirius were stuffing their mouths full of food, "and why are you two eating so much," Lily asked.

"Gotta stay energized for Quidditch tryouts," James mumbled around a chicken leg.

"And I always eat this much," Sirius replied after taking a bite of mashed potatoes.

"Sure you do," I replied over my goblet.

Sirius looked up at me slowly; he grabbed his wand from his pocket and waved it around. I felt a warm sensation on my eyebrows and glared at him, "you turned my eyebrows a different color didn't you?"

Lily, James, and Peter all looked up from their food and started laugh. lol tried to hold it in but it got the best of her and she was in a fit of giggle. "H-how did you even manage that," she asked through laughs. "We're supposed to learn them this year."

"I used it on my brother a couple of times," he was now laughing too.

"What color are they," I asked you brushing my fingers over my eyebrows.

"A lovely shade of purple," James replied and slapped Sirius on the back.

"Awe Rose," Sirius cooed as he finally stopped laughing. "We can change them back easily."

"I'm not mad," I shrugged then raised an eyebrow at him. "But you owe me a butter beer on our first visit to Hogsmead."

"Sounds fair," Sirius laughed and with another wave of his wand my eyebrow heated again.

I looked at Lily and she nodded that my eyebrows were back to normal. Remus finally looked up and smile, "sounds like a date."

I tried not to blush and focused on the soup in front of me. James started making fun of Sirius and Lily was now yelling at James to knock it off.

I looked up at Sirius for a split second and he was looking at me again. I began stuffing my mouth with hot soup which burned as it went down.

"Okay boys," James said suddenly standing up. "Time for bed!"

"For bed," Lily asked. "It's not even past 7!"

All the boys began to stand, "well you see him Evans," James replied pointing to Remus. "He's needs to get to bed."

"Well yes of course Remus does but what about you-," she began but James held up his hand but it was Sirius who talked now, "you can't expect us to leave a fellow by himself, now can you?"

"Well I mean," she said slowly.

"We need to be there in case he gets the sweats," Peter interjected.

"Oh alright," she sighed and gave up on the boys. "I guess it's just you and me, Rose."

"We got lots of homework this week," I replied sadly. I haven't had this much homework in my life but it was kind of exciting that I had a friend to study with.

"Maybe we can ask the house elves for some snacks," she whispered to me but James heard her.

"Lily Evans," he started off shocked. He put his hand on his heart in over exaggeration, "you're a prefect! Going to the kitchens is restricted."

"Have we been rubbing off on you," Sirius asked with a raise eyebrow.

"Wha-no. I mean," she was blushed deeply. "Oh never you mind."

She stood abruptly and pulled on my hand, "let's go Rose!"

I was dragged off by Lily but waved to the boys as we went. "The kitchen is right next to the Hufflepuff common room; we have to take the same staircase so don't look like you're up to anything."

We went down a staircase and Lily held her chest out so that Hufflepuff passerbyers wouldn't suspect anything. We arrived in a corridor and Lily stopped suddenly at a painting of a bowl of fruit.

She lifted her hand and started tickling a pear which was on the picture. The pear started shaking and began laughing. After a moment it turned into a door knob. Lily twisted the knob and it opened into a huge kitchen area. The kitchen was a huge, high-ceiling room which had 5 large tables in the exactly position as the Great Hall. Pots and pans hung on the walls and a huge brick fireplace was at the back of the kitchen.

"Oh wow," I whispered. Lily was already walking into the room; I followed her and noticed there were hundreds of house elves everywhere. They moved about the room in a busy fashion; they all had something to do.

"Excuse me," Lily said to an elf. "Could we get some snacks please, to help us study."

"Oh of course," replied the elf in a squeaky voice.

All of a sudden a bunch of hands where pushing different snacks at us; "oh," gasped as another elf pushed a jug of butterbeer towards me. "Thank you," I replied and got a weird look from a couple of elves who all nodded their heads after a moment.

"Stuff them in your pockets," Lily whispered as we left the kitchen. The painting was again a bowl of fruits. We walked back to the Gryffindor tower with our pockets full of different snacks.

We finally arrived in back in the Gryffindor common room and sat down at a table with Lily claimed was her favorite; one right next to a window looking out.

We set up the snacks around the table and started pulling out our books. The sky was starting to darken; we started with our Transfiguration homework which was an essay on why non-verbal spells were so handy.

I started chewing on a licorice wand and started out the window. Suddenly a deer ran by the window. "What," I gasped as a dog ran by to followed by something small.

"What's wrong," Lily asked looking up from her parchment.

"I just saw some animals running around down there," I said pointing at the grounds.

"Oh was it a dog," Lily asked jumping to her feet.

"Yeah," I replied confused. "How did you know."

"He's here all the time," she replied and walked across to me. "He's so sweet, always lets me pet him but Potter doesn't like him much. Anytime he sees me petting the dog, he pulls him away."

"Well that's not very nice," I replied lightly.

"Why don't we go down and see him," she asked.

"But aren't we supposed to stay indoors," I asked then laughed. "I think those boys are really rubbing off on you."

"Maybe a little bit," she smiled shyly. "But let's go!"

We began our descent from the castle. We finally got to the entrance hall with amazing luck. We left the entrance hall and began to go towards the area of gross which I saw the animals pass by.

We stood around for a moment as the darkness began to grow. "Look over there," Lily yelled point sideways.

A black dog came pouncing towards us, Lily fell to her knees and began petting the dog.

He jumped excitedly; the dog looked over at me and jumped up towards me. "Whoa boy," I laughed as the dog started licking my face. "Yes, yes, you're very cute."

After a while started to get a bit chilly and a sudden howl rang out. The dog stopped abruptly and looked towards the howl. He ran off at high speeds leaving me and Lily by ourselves.

"Well we better go now," Lily sighed and brushed off her robes.

We arrived back at the common room without anyone teachers or Filch finding us. "Lucky tonight," I laughed. "Not getting caught."

"I guess those guys really did teach me to become a bit mischievous," she laughed at herself.

We finally went to bed and I dreamed of the dog which we were petting earlier. A couple times I was woken up by a howl from the forest but i fell asleep again without any problems. Dreaming of the dog then the dreams turned into Sirius.

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