A girl who falls in love with a gang member, kidnapped and tortured, can he save her? This book includes Romance, Drama, and everything all in one��


6. Chapter 6~

“Fine, sit down.” He points at the couch, I sit patiently, not sure if I really wanna hear what he’s going to tell me. He lightly taps his thigh, looking down then walks over and sits down, “Kensley, I don’t know if you want to hear this, but you know most of the story,” he takes a deep breathe and continues, I reach and hold his hands in my lap. “Okay, uh my father is the gang leader, and I was forced into this life.” He grasps my hands tighter, “Oh, Ash.” I hug him, and feel his arms secure around my waist. “Ash, I’m sorry I didn’t know… but couldn’t you just leave, if you wanted too.” I didn’t know how to take all of this information in, so I kept talking. “I wish, but it’s not that easy… let’s get some fresh air, I’ll meet you out there, gonna grab a hoodie.” I smile and head out, I stand there waiting for him. I hear something snap, making me jump. “C’mon Ash, anyday!” I whisper to myself. I feel myself tense up, as I realized how late and dark it was, and how I have no idea what kind of people live here. The smell of alcohol hits my nose, making me feel sick and weak. Someone grabs me, I scream and flinch, trying to fight back. But I feel as my knees are weak and I can’t do anything but let my body go under. I wake up, I can’t see anything but I feel the bumps of a road, and I hear radio music. I try talking, but soon find out I can’t, must be something in my mouth to prevent it. I attempt to move my body, my arms and legs are tied, I panic, but know I have to stay calm and have a clear mind to get out of here. The car comes to a stop and I hit the back of the seats. The driver gets out and slams his door. I quiet down my breathing and listen to their conversation. I couldn’t hear word for word but I know they’re talking about me. Accusing Ash of stealing and using me as a ransom for who., Ash. My face turns as I feel their grimy hands pull me out of the vehicle. I stand up and they lead my into a house and down the stairs, it was freezing, I only had my jeans and hoodie, with my old flip-flops. I’m thrown to the floor, I wince from the pain. “Shut up, you put yourself in this position!” He grabs my face with his hands, it hurt horribly. He let go and I could hear him walking up the stairs, I stopped breathing, he locked the door. I sit there pondering about what he said, how did I put myself in this position. Was it because- it doesn't matter now, I have to figure out how to get out of everything and find a way to get this thing off of my eyes. I feel that my arms aren’t tied down so I reach for the cloth covering my eyes and untie it, I can see. The room was dark and cold, there wasn’t anything in the room, just me. I take my hands and remove what’s in my mouth, I can talk but nothing comes out but cries. I scream and figure no one can hear me. Where am I? Who were those guys? My mind was racing at the thought of what could happen. I hear the door unlatch and the guy, in his mid 30’s came downstairs.

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