A girl who falls in love with a gang member, kidnapped and tortured, can he save her? This book includes Romance, Drama, and everything all in one��


4. Chapter 4~

I woke up, unprepared for the day but went to work anyway. I pull up, Ash’s car wasn’t here. A tight knot forms in the pit of my stomach, nervous that he’s not okay. I went through the day, bored since no one really came in. Nine hours later the day was over and I locked up, I wanted to look for Ash but was afraid that I’ll see something I don’t want too. I decided to go back home and create a strategy. I feel guilty, as though I’m budding into someone’s private life, what am I saying, of course I am. But why him, he seems like a happy person, I don’t know… I sat in my room all night, thinking of where he could be or what I could say to him. Finally I feel myself getting tired and went to bed.

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