A girl who falls in love with a gang member, kidnapped and tortured, can he save her? This book includes Romance, Drama, and everything all in one��


3. Chapter 3~

BEEP! BEEP! My alarm shouts at me. I shot up, quickly changing and grabbing my coffee to leave. I’ve been working there for a couple weeks and I finally have a car, well , it’s Ash’s but he’s letting me use it, It’s been pretty awesome. Ash hasn’t been showing up as much and everytime he does show, there are bruises all over his face and body. So I decided today I’m going to follow him to wherever he leaves too to get those bruises. Work ends early today, so it’s the perfect opportunity. I close up and get in my car, slowly and quietly following him, I hid one or two cars behind him, so he doesn’t see me. He pulls into a trailer park, I wonder why, so I continue following him, walking about 10 feet away from him. He met up with someone, the man was skinny and acting skittish. I saw Ash hand him a small baggie, then it hit me, he was a drug dealer. I was shocked, I must've stepped on something, cause he looked back, I ran back to the car and drove off, stopping at a diner cause I was hungry and had to collect my thoughts. I went to Mul’s Cafe, and ordered a small coffee, overwhelmed about what just happened. I payed and thanked them for the coffee, I drove home, it’s only 11. I’ll just watch some movies till I drift off to sleep.

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