A girl who falls in love with a gang member, kidnapped and tortured, can he save her? This book includes Romance, Drama, and everything all in one��


2. Chapter 2~

I woke up, my phone ringing loudly. I raced to the kitchen and find it on the floor, must have left it there when I was unboxing. Fifteen miss calls from my mom, great. I pick up, ready to get yelled out “Hi mom…”

“Why didn't you answer my calls, Kensley Ann Lamer!”

“I’m sorry mom, I was unpacking all day then went to be-”

“Okay, it’s fine, I was worried.”

“I know, but I’m fine and I have to leave for an interview later today, so I’m gonna go.”

“Alright sweetheart, tell me how it went. Bye love you.”

“Bye, love you too.” I hang up and start looking for a casual outfit, it’s just a job at Zumiez. I grab my ripped black jeans and a white top, I slip on my vans and left, calling for an uber. It’s about a ten minute drive, I might as well walk. I thank the driver and left, I’ll just pay through Paypal. I walk into the mall and find my way to the shop. Wow, laid back and they’re practically not even working, perfect. “Hey, I’m Kensley, I’m here for the-”

He stops my sentence midway, “for the interview, I’m Ash.”

He stretches his arm out and smiles, a friendly smile. I shake his hand, “sooo, where should we go to talk about the job.”

“Nowhere, you’re already hired I read the application you sent in, like a week ago.”

“Haha, alright, should I start now?” I asked looking around.

“Yeah that’s fine, all we really do is fool around and when people need help, we uh help, haha.”

“Sounds pretty simple.”

“Sure you can handle it,” he jokingly laughs.

I lightly punch him in the arm, “I got this.” He laughs and hands me a box, implying that I should restock the hair dye, that’s what I do, easy.

The day went pretty fast and effortless, all I did was restock. Ash and I decided we can close up, since I’m new, he volunteered to assist. It’s five minutes before closing, everyone’s left, so it’s just Ash and me. I will say, he’s not bad looking, blond, built, bright blue eyes, definitely a reckless kid. “Hey, so there’s this party,” he starts, “and I was wondering if you wanted to go with me, tonight?”

My cheeks flush and I turn around faster than the speed of light. “Uh yeah, that sounds fun.”

“You just wanna leave now?”

“Yeah that sounds good, we can just carpool.”

“Haha that’s cool.” He said, as I walk out of the door and he locks up, showing me how to do it. We walk to his car, and I hop in. It was about a twenty minute drive. We pulled into a driveway, which reveals a mansion. “Uh is this your house?” I asked, gasping.

“Haha no, I wish, this is Vince’s place, he said it would be cool for us to come”

“Haha, alright, what are we waiting for?” I snap grabbing his hand and pulling him into the house, laughing.

I walk in and was immediately hit by the smell of body odor and alcohol. Wow, he hangs out with these types of people, I try to fit in as best as possible. I walk into the kitchen, alarmed by some kids playing drinking games, I ignore them and snatch a red solo cup, filling it up with some Pepsi. I look around for Ash, but couldn’t find him. I check my phone and read it’s 12:40, four missed calls from my mom, I’ll just answer her tomorrow. I continue searching for Ash, finally finding him alone on the back patio, with his legs dangling in the empty pool. I crept up and sat by him. “Uh hey…” He starts.

“Hey, what are you out here alone?” I question.

“The party was giving me a headache, so I wanted to be alone.”

“Oh, haha well we can go home, if that’s cool.”

“Yeah, that sounds good.” He smirked and helped me up. We walked out of the house and back into his car. I got in and my song was on, I turned it up and started singing as loudly as I could. He was laughing so hard, and then joined in, which caused me to mess up and laugh. It was a great 20 minute ride. I told him where I lived and he peacefully left, saying good-bye. I waved and started walking up to my apartment, I didn’t care for changing, I just went straight to bed.

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