A girl who falls in love with a gang member, kidnapped and tortured, can he save her? This book includes Romance, Drama, and everything all in one��


1. Chapter 1~

All it takes is an impact, really.

An impact of any sort that could change the course of your life. An impact that could either ruin you and break you or build you up and change you for good. I guess it just depends on the impact, really.

My Impact?

Well it changed me completely. But mine wasn’t just mentally, like in books and movies. My impact was physical; Such as Japan bombing pearl harbor, which started a war. Of course it wasn’t that huge, but it was that life changing. What happened to me left me hurt and I feared living. It all started eight years ago, the summer I moved up to Boston.

Eight years ago- “I’ll be ready in fifteen minutes.” My mom couldn’t wait for me to move and finally start my own life, since I’m so isolated. I walk down the stairs with my bags and see her standing, with a smile, holding back her tears. “I’m gonna miss you sweetheart.”

She starts, tears of joy slipping from her eyes, “and I’m so happy for you, now let’s go to the airp-”

I stop her midway, “mom, I can drive now, I’m 18, remember?”

“Oh, I know honey, you better call me once you board, promise.” I look her in the eyes and nod, leaning in for an embraceable hug. I grab the keys to my old minivan and head off to the airport, not sure whats going to happen, or who I’m going to meet. It’s about an hour drive. I park my car and pay for it to stay, I also sent a quick text to my mom, notifying her I’m okay. I board the plane, unhappy about the four hour flight, quickly I take my seat and shut my eyes. If I nap it will feel like time pass faster. I woke up, people boarding off, astonished by how long I slept. I got up and grabbed my luggage. Pushing my way through the aisle, politely excusing myself. I feel a buzzing sensation in my pocket, shortly after realizing it was my phone, I picked it up. “Hel..o Swe..ti…”

“Uh, hey mom, listen you’re breaking in and out, I’ll call you in about forty minutes, okay love you bye.”

“Ok….ve you.” I hung up, and started finding my way out of the airport. I step out and immediately was blinded by the sun, I search for my sunglasses, luckily I found them within seconds. I called for an uber and was dropped off at the apartment I’ll be staying at for summer. It was small but had an air conditioning, and I’m only paying $160 for it, which is super inexpensive in Boston. Anyway, I decided to unpack, trying to stay neat but it was difficult since I have no idea where most things are. Once I finished I quickly went to bed, I was worned out and tired.

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